Topic: Why so many dragonball Z references nintendo?

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Has anyone else noticed the multiple DBZ references in recent Nintendo games? Anyone else suspect something with them? Do you think it may hint towards something?

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I love DBZ but i can't think of manyreferences. Kamehameha has been done to death ( lucario in smash bros) though.



No one actually references DBZ anymore. So many things reference DBZ that they are referencing things that reference DBZ.

It'll be funny when things "reference" Star Wars but not intentionally in any way all the time in 20 years or so. (...this one might actually be true)

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Well, Pokémon X & Y had the guy who mentions "over 9000", but at this point I think they were just referencing the joke itself rather than DBZ as @kkslider5552000 says.

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