Topic: Why is Zelda banned in Iran?

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i get the feeling it has to do with the violence cuz the vc in north korea has the same problem (the dont want ppl getting ideas) eg. mario can jump on a mushroom but he can punch it im not sure if the still havent released mario 64 there im pretty sure the havnt

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Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran!

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As a fan of grammar and the English language -- it was my undergrad degree -- that was absolutely hilarious. Kudos!

+1. Poetry was always difficult for me, so I'm especially thankful for the word-by-word analysis.

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Wow, that McCain remix sounds like talking with my college advisor.

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Corbie wrote:

The Iran president is a hardcore 2D game fan. He won't allow a 3D Zelda in the country. Just won't have it!

A true conservative, I applaud him!

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As others were saying, the original Japanese version of OoT's Fire Temple music included a religious chant in Arabic, which is the Shahada - the first pillar of Islam. If you repeat this verse, you have converted to Islam. It says that there is no god but Allah and Mohammed was his messenger.

The Islamic dictatorship of Iran found this offensive. This is most likely because it mixes the religious with the secular. You have a very serious religious chant that is professing faith in Islam and it's put into a video game. This adds extra insult to injury because in Islam, all depictions of creatures with souls (i.e. humanoids) are strictly banned. This includes art, sculpture, comics, cartoons, and video games. When the Prophet saw a tapestry in someone's house, he got very angry and ripped it up, issued a curse upon all artists who make these depictions and stated that angels will not enter the home that contains these depictions.

Iran may be particularly sensitive about these issues because Iran is predominantly Shia as opposed to Sunni. Long ago in Iran, there was a tradition of painting scenes from the Qur'an and ahadith (stories of the Prophet's life). Not only did they paint human beings, but they actually painted the Prophet himself, and most of the time, they didn't even obscure his face. Because of practices like this among the Shia, rumours spread that the Shia worshipped Mohammed like an idol and thereby associated others with Allah, which is the definition of polytheism. Sunni Muslims declared that Shia Muslims had actually apostatised and Shia were heavily persecuted.

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Iran bans a lot of it really that surprising?

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Maybe their president got upset when he discovered the Triforce wasn't real, say he wanted that ultimate power but couldn't have it? He got so mad that he raged all night long and then banned it out of personal hate. Just a theory...

tjthebest wrote:

i get the feeling it has to do with the violence cuz the vc in north korea has the same problem (the dont want ppl getting ideas)

The North Korean government are a bunch of morons, they lost the plot before they even started. I think only South Korea got the Wii though, seeing that the North Korean government hate Japan, after they colonized them nearly a century ago up for around 25 years. They don't even want people having Internet access. Totalitarian, communist scum.

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I hate the new Fire Temple music (supposedly a nasty sounding remix of the Shadow Temple's music). The altered scene with Ganondorf sucked too (it's green... D:).



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