Topic: Why do you go to the beach?

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Just wondering, if you go to the beach or lake or pool this summer, do you go more for the water or the sun? I know "both" would be a popular answer, but instead just pick which is more important to you.

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Water is more important! I do bodyboard and I love it!

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I go for the water and so I can try and catch Magikarp!



Water FTW! I was born in Cape Town, and I love the sea. I burn quite easily, so I detest the sun Sorry sun seekers

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JohnnyB wrote:

I burn quite easily,

That sounds a lot like me. I have a pool, so I rarely go to the beach.

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i go to watch cute girls casually reading books on their beach towels

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I get sunburned quick too, so taking a swim in a pool is definately what I enjoy most. I don't like bathing in the sea, though it's pretty to look at.



To surf.



Sun. I love swimming, but the sea just makes me feel icky. Not to mention the fact that salt water makes me gag. I love the beach, but I mainly just like to lay around and read there, or toss a frisbee around if I'm with friends..




Water. I love to swim.



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I prefer the beach, one that isn't a crowded touristy one, but not for swimming. There's just something quite calming about simply sitting on the beach listening to the ocean. Thinking of it, I really would love to go to the beach again. I've only been able to go there once since I've moved up here over two years ago. One of the disadvantages of not having a car.

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I burn and see little point in "sunning." When we've gone to the beach it's been to walk on the shore to show my daughter the creatures that live there, collect shells, wade into the ocean a bit and that's that!

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I go for the fish n chips.

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@Dazza: Or to do bad things to ladies sunbathing innocently.



i only been to the beach once but i liked it. I like to go swimming at a public lake by my house and its really nice. There are also lots of cute girls and the water is very nice . I get sunburn a whole lot on my face and shoulders soo the sun doesn't like me andi dont really like the sun that much

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