Topic: Why are well dressed successful people speaking out against video games?

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@CmdrShep2183 That depiction of Mass Effect is what Mass Effect was supposed to be before EA went and turned it into a DICE shooter with RPG elements........because every entertainment producer knows that sells more. Tell Hollywood to get rid of guns, fist fights, explosions, and sex in their movies......once they do that we can move on to video games. Of course they'll all go bankrupt.

Look at Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for a more sophisticated, nuanced sci-fi story. ME was supposed to be an Star-Wars-license-free way to continue that series, because at the time they didn't have the license from LucasFilm after the collaboration with LucasArts.



@HobbitGamer " Reminds me of the moral panic over Mass Effect 1. Media had folks thinking it was an alien copulation simulator."

Well...I was....

Also, after that news did Playstation ever win?



Mass Effect Andromeda fixed the problem by giving the characters those weird dead expressions. So the sexy is balanced out.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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@Yosheel I tip my hat to you for that comment, señor, because it made me smile.

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But I'm guessing they dont remember the original Duke Nukem with strippers everywhere and the good ole "Rip off your throat and s*** down your neck".
These people are just scaring people and causing moral outrage so that they dont turn round and see how awful the state of the world is at the moment.


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The mainstream media, especially cable news like Fox and CNN love to bash on what they consider atypical media. They regularly attack things like internet media, social networks, and video games. They do this because they know they are becoming obsolete. Cable subscriptions are decreasing. Less and less people are turning on the TV and watching cable or broadcast programming. More and more are shifting to services like YouTube and Netflix for video, and kindle and ebooks for reading, and video games. The people who grew up in the age of TV dominance are aging and dying off and the people growing up in the era of the internet and gaming are becoming more and more important.

Thus the old attacks the new, slanders it, mocks it, and ignores its own hypocrisy while doing so, in a weak attempt to remain on top. It isn't going to work. At best they will slow it down a bit, as the Baby Boomers and late middle age and elderly folks cling to what is familiar to them and join in the "slander-fest", but that generation is fading and the generations rising to replace it are much more in favor of the internet and gaming.

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