Topic: Why are there no Japanese people on this website?

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N64+Gamer wrote:

theblackdragon wrote:

@N64 Gamer:
(a) what would be the advantage of joining up with 2chan other than a sudden influx of users communicating in Japanese amongst themselves?
(b) NL already reports Nintendo-related news from Japan. :3

They can translate Japanese games for us. And we can have a good relationship with them. We can swap womens with them.

Ok I'm just kidding about the last part.

Stupid Idea, the translation bit.


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There's not much to draw Japanese gamers here unless they had import Wiis and wanted news from NoE/NoA-Land -- of course the admins could tell us that; it's quite possible there are people lurking who hail from Japan.

I do review Japanese WiiWare titles on my blog and I get hits from folk in Japan who often use the Blogger translation service to read the site, so the language barrier could be a real issue.

With regard to translating games you'll find GameFAQs has guides to things, but the reality is that it's a lot of work -- you're not likely to get someone to casually translate a game for you just because they happen to be from Japan and post on this forum.

I agree that if we got a native Japanese speaker on staff then the Japanese news side of things would definitely pick up, but I think we (I) do well enough just having the weekly download news (and how many people besides myself even have Japanese Wiis here?).

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@N64_Gamer Do please tell us how many Japanese forums you are a member of? I'd love to know.

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What's this bit for again?


I'm sure there are Japanese people here, but it would be pointless anyways. I assume they have their own Nintendo updating site.



lz2009 wrote:

StarBoy91 wrote:

That's a brilliant suggestion, lz (how's it going btw?)!

It goes. It goes.

The Japanese also think they are too good for us.

Haha that's so true



They're too busy playing their japanese games.

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I'm gonna cry if this thread isn't a joke.



I think the Japanese might brag about how many VC titles they have that we don't. I don't think that will make some users very happy.

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Prosody wrote:

I think this thread is the reason we don't have any Japanese members.

Which kinda parallels the whole thread of why we don't have many female members either.



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