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Topic: Why are there no Japanese people on this website?

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N64+Gamer wrote:

theblackdragon wrote:

@N64 Gamer:
(a) what would be the advantage of joining up with 2chan other than a sudden influx of users communicating in Japanese amongst themselves?
(b) NL already reports Nintendo-related news from Japan. :3

They can translate Japanese games for us. And we can have a good relationship with them. We can swap womens with them.

Ok I'm just kidding about the last part. :)

Stupid Idea, the translation bit.

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There's not much to draw Japanese gamers here unless they had import Wiis and wanted news from NoE/NoA-Land -- of course the admins could tell us that; it's quite possible there are people lurking who hail from Japan.

I do review Japanese WiiWare titles on my blog and I get hits from folk in Japan who often use the Blogger translation service to read the site, so the language barrier could be a real issue.

With regard to translating games you'll find GameFAQs has guides to things, but the reality is that it's a lot of work -- you're not likely to get someone to casually translate a game for you just because they happen to be from Japan and post on this forum.

I agree that if we got a native Japanese speaker on staff then the Japanese news side of things would definitely pick up, but I think we (I) do well enough just having the weekly download news (and how many people besides myself even have Japanese Wiis here?).

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@N64_Gamer Do please tell us how many Japanese forums you are a member of? I'd love to know.

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What's this bit for again?



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I'm sure there are Japanese people here, but it would be pointless anyways. I assume they have their own Nintendo updating site.

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lz2009 wrote:

StarBoy91 wrote:

That's a brilliant suggestion, lz (how's it going btw?)!

It goes. It goes.

The Japanese also think they are too good for us. :D

Haha that's so true :D

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They're too busy playing their japanese games.

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I'm gonna cry if this thread isn't a joke.




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I think the Japanese might brag about how many VC titles they have that we don't. I don't think that will make some users very happy. ;)

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Prosody wrote:

I think this thread is the reason we don't have any Japanese members.

Which kinda parallels the whole thread of why we don't have many female members either.

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