Topic: Who's The Lucky Bride (Or Groom)?

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Bride: Samus Aran

Groom: Link

Somebody set up us the bomb.
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Roll's age has never been hinted at that I know of, but Wikipedia says she is the "younger female counterpart" of Mega Man. Regardless, I don't think of this as the picture of an 18-year-old.

Yes, it has. I have Mega Man 64, and in the manual it says "She is Mega Man's 14-year-old best friend."

that came out before game cube which means shes over 18 GO CHICKEN

Since the original Roll is a robot, the regular marriage laws wouldn´t apply to her anyway. Robots don´t age. The Mega Man Legends (MM64) Roll is a different, human character, so marrying her would be inappropriate. Age is a pretty silly matter to discuss unless the game takes place in the present day world. Megaman pretty much does, since Mega Man 2 intro says 200X. Before new year, two robot rebellions will break out... Nice.

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Hmm, I would have to say Gwendolyn.

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If it helps, I think you win the award for longest link address in a post.

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and i think u win the award for the guy telling the best guy in the world what is wrong and not
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i think you win the "short name" [the and then a very short name] well or at least nominate

[anomalous[i know spelled wrong] member] so feenie bet you never got lucky in chat
[feenie] ya
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