Topic: Who's Better? Mario or Sonic?

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Mario but I like Yoshi the most in Mario games



madgear wrote:

Even though I generally prefer the Mario games (let's face it, only the Megadrive Sonic games and CD can be called awesome - maybe Sonic Adventure at the time) I'm still going to say Sonic is the better character. At least from a design point of view.

I've always seen Sonic as the perfect video game character. His design is more than being a cool, uniquely styled blue hedgehog - he's also designed to fit perfectly with his game environment, and that really is quite an accomplishment. Let me explain - since he's a hedgehog he can spin into a ball, he's also been given super fast speed. To reflect this, his game environment uses these features to make the best possible type of gameplay for such a character - fast rollercoaster style levels mixed with pinball elements. He uses his spikes to kill enemies and break through walls, his speed allows him to run up verticle surfaces and around loops and he can spin in a ball to be flipped around like a pinball and speed through narrow tunnels - it's ingenious.

You could easily put Sonic in Mario's game environment and it'd still be a fun playable game. However if you put Mario in Sonic's environment, he'd have trouble getting through all those obsticles that require Sonic's speed and spinning ability. This is where a lot of other mascot characters such as Crash Bandicoot have gone wrong - you can't just take an animal, give it "attitude" and expect it to be the next Sonic. You have to design a character that both looks awesome and has unique abilities that makes for a new and exciting game - because of this, Sonic is the only one who could have taken Mario's crown, by a long shot.

So, as a character, I'd say Sonic wins this. However, as great as his early games are, his new ones have gone way off track. Mario's games always offer great challenges, with lots to see, collect and do. They're all masterpieces - Sonic needs to get back on track and become a true contender with his games aswell.

That is an excellent analysis, and the part relating to other platforming mascots is something I hadn't thought of before. I've mentioned before, but I really reccomend playing the top handheld 5 (advance 1-3, rush 1 and 2) if you own a GBA or DS for them. While I think S3&K to be the best sonic game period, but those games are right under it. (Especially the ones with the Chao Garden if you have the connectivity.

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wanderlustwarrior wrote:

WhoKnew wrote:

wanderlustwarrior wrote:

If you haven't noticed by some people's icons, there are actually a lot of SEGA or sonic fans on the site. Considering most of the best handheld games in this competition have been Sonic's (in my opinion, for example, Sonic Advance 1-3, Battle, Rush 1 and 2 and Chronicles) have been on Nintendo handhelds, as well as the fact that most sonic games are playable on Wii on or off of the VC, I think its a fair question.

Yeah, but remember most people here like Nintendo more then Sega, and Mario's the most popular video game character(and series) ever, with more games than anyone else.

... I didn't say there weren't. (And believe me, I've looked on at Mario's popularity with green-eyed jealousy). All I said was that it was a fair question.

Sorry for the confuison. What I ment was, I really dont think its that fair of a question.

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But Mario have also a place im my heart ^^
I love both...

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Mario. Mario is THE MAN!



Gotta be Mario. I like Sonic, but the games he appears in just don't have the same quality as Mario's. Better games win the fight every time.

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I never liked Sonic. I got the Mega Collection and didn't care for a single one of the games. Not awful but I didn't have fun either. So it's a no-brainer IMHO.

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at the moment: Mario would win because many of his new games are successful

as for Sonic.....well at least the handheld DS games are good!

please note that i'm a huge fan of both Mario and Sonic


" I got the Mega Collection and didn't care for a single one of the games"
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pixelman wrote:

Mario wins, because he still makes amazing games. I love Sonic, but his new games suck bad.

What he said.



Mario made several successful game series: Super Mario Bros, Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario Sports (Baseball, strikers, golf...)

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How can I decide when I grew up with Mario and played the Sonic games in my teen years? I like them both just as much.

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