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This thread is all about your favorite Gym Leaders from Pokemon. List your favorite leader from each region. Mine are:
-Kanto: Misty/Blaine
-Johto: Falkner
-Hoenn: Juan
-Sinnoh: Volkner
-Unova: Cress/Drayden

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Uhh... each region?

-Kanto: Sabrina
-Johto: Jasmine/Pryce
-Hoenn: Flannery/Wattson/Tate&Liza (in that order)
-Sinnoh: Volkner
-Unova: Still haven't played a fifth gen game QQ

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can't remember any gym leaders at the moment (man, it's been years since I've last played Pokémon, lol).

I guess I'll say Brock & Misty, but that's probably because they're all I can remember


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Whitney, of course!

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-Kanto: Brock
-Johto: Jasmine
-Hoenn: Norman
-Sinnoh: Crasher Wake
-Unova: Roxie

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Kanto: Koga
Johto: Clair
Hoenn: Winona
Sinnoh: Volkner
Unova: Brycen

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Kanto: Lt. Surge
Johto: Morty
Hoenn: Tate/Liza
Sinnoh: Volkner
Unova: Elesa/ Roxie

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Anyone not named Whitney.

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Kanto - Brock
Johto - Pryce
Hoenn - Norman
Sinnoh - Crasher wake
Unova - Brycen



Kanto: Gary, if not Giovanni
Johto: Jasmine
Hoenn: Flannery
Sinnoh: Maylene
Unova: Iris

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I tend to have more than one favourite since I just can't choose between them.

Kanto: Janine/Blaine/Sabrina
Johto: Whitney (Yes, I'm Serious!) /Pryce
Hoenn: Flannery
Sinnoh: Volkner/Candice
Unova: Cheren/Roxie/Skyla

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RevolverLink wrote:

Anyone not named Whitney.


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If you can do no good, at least do no harm. -Kurt Vonnegut
I'm not really active here anymore. So it goes.

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The Dark-type ones!!! ...oh wait

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Kanto:Giovanni(you know why)
Hoenn: Wattson, Juan
Unova:Pretty much sucks.

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