Topic: Who is your favorite NFL Team?

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Colts! By the way, does anybody like college football better than NFL?

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JayArr wrote:

NotEnoughGolds wrote:

MN Vikings.
And last week's game doesn't count. It's tough to beat a decent team with an all-star ref lineup.

Yeah, that fumble and interception, both for touchdowns, in the fourth quarter were definitely the refs fault. (rolls eyes)

Well the tripping penalty led to a play that shouldn't have happened (the fumble returned for TD). That's a 14 point difference right there.
And of course 11 penalties for 78 yards is going to hurt anybody. There were 3 penalties called against the Steelers for 15 yards. All 3 penalties were offsides penalties that had to be called because they were obvious.
Obv. the Steelers had no holds that game.
They just bother me. There were plenty of BS calls in the 1/15/06 Steelers-Colts game as well.



I'm a Bills fan and am hoping they tank bad enough this year Ralph has no choice but to clean house in the front office.


@NotEnoughGolds - The Chargers just called for you. They said "What gives you the right to complain about refs? Ed Hochuli.... 'nuff said."

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Panthers. They really need a new qb though.

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The Colts and the Cowboys

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Bad rebuilding year for us, but I'm a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.



I've been a Packers fan most of my life, but probably the last 3 or 4 years I haven't been very into football.

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Ive never been a huge football fan, but because of early childhood, I have to go with the Broncos.
They are having some major comeback finally!

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