Topic: Who has Steam?

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warioswoods wrote:

These guys make Crossover, and it's software that adds a compatibility layer so that you can run Windows apps / games inside Mac OS X or Linux, with none of the speed loss you get from emulation or virtual machines.

Really? I'm doing the trial of it right now and I'm noticing much lower framerates in TF2 than running it from the WinXP partition on my hard drive. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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I joined the group, this holiday sale was really good.



Steam is a great service, but not where you want to buy something like EWJ. Get old games from Good Old Get everything else from Steam.

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Yes I have Steam. I have only bought 3 games and I am still learning the community stuff on there. At first I was hesitant but after trying several demos and getting 3 games for for a mere $7.98 and no sales tax, I find it simply awesome.

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