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Topic: Which is your favorite smash bros out of the 3?

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Mine is melee becuz it has awesome gameplay

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FrancisvonBacon wrote:


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Brawl. Melee was more revolutionary, but Brawl has more content..

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Melee. Brawl is probably better but I've just always enjoyed Melee more for whatever reason. Also I've put more time into than any game ever.

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Brawl was the game that turned me into a full-on Nintendo fan and introduced me to series that I've never heard of before such as Kid Icarus and Fire Emblem. So not surprisely not only is it my favorite Smash game, but my favorite video game ever. That is until the new ones come out of course.

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Melee holds a very special place in my heart and my childhood. It just brings back good memories to me whenever I hear music from the game, ya know?

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Melee because memorable. And Mewtwo.

Brawl was very passe; it has grown on me, though.

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Melee was superior gameplaywise, but there's something about the simplicity of the dumbed down brawl mechanics that makes me prefer it.

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Melee was memorable because it was my first GameCube game, something about the music I like that's not in clue how to describe
Brawl...I just love...its more chaotic...Assist Trophies, Final Smashes....massive waves of lava...yeah. lol

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Brawl. But Melee is a really fine game. I've never played N64.

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While it's the least spectacular of the three, the original Super Smash Bros on N64 holds a very special place in my heart (and it's TV commercial is a classic).

Melee was a huge step up, and it had MewTwo.

Brawl was everything that Melee was, and more, so it's my favorite (IMO, whatever gameplay differences there are, are so miniscule that only people with way too much time on their hands could possibly notice them in any meaningful way).

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In my opinion, Melee is far superior. The gameplay is much more intuitive and fluid. I still play Melee with some friends. We will only play Brawl if it is the "Melee-ized" Project M...




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Melee, because its overall better and much more fun.

The fighters aren't downgraded, none of them have significant advantages over others (I rock with Samus in Melee, suddenly I play as her in Brawl and I stink), I like the quicker-styled gameplay as opposed to the slower, more floaty style Brawl had. Also NO TRIPPING. My only complaint about Melee is the obvious clones.

Also, I have fond memories of going over to two of my friends' houses to play Smash 64, its what got me into Metroid; whether or not I liked the fact Samus was a woman, at the time.

Brawl will always be an over budgeted expansion pack to me.

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Brawl is more interesting. The floatiness puts emphasis on aerial combat and the platforming aspect, which is much of what makes this game unique among fighters. All of them are fun.

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I'd say Brawl. It allowed me to play as characters from other series that I never had a chance to play as previously (Samus, Ike, Olimar, ROB, Lucas, etc.). I really liked the roster of characters and The Subspace Emissary mode. I only spent a short time on Melee in comparison to all the hours I sunk into Brawl. Never played the original.

Plus, Final Smashes are hilarious. Oh, the countless people I've dragged into the Negative Zone on Smashville. Glad to see those are coming back.

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Melee, definately. To me, it had the perfect balance of being simple to pick up and play, and in-depth enough to fuel itself for decades. Just a bigger fan of the gameplay mechanics in general, I suppose. Brawl is still really good though, I've probably actually played it longer than Melee for some reason.

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Brawl:Better single player,better characters,online play,and stage builder.

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Definitely Melee.

The original Smash Bros. was great, but Melee just took it to a whole new level. It was a Nintendo fan's dream come true. It's so jam-packed with great stuff it's like a Nintendo encyclopedia in game form. Brawl was never going to have quite the same impact for me. Other things I didn't like as much with Brawl were a) Its big new thing was online, but it was pretty lousy. I don't think I had a single match that wasn't ruined by lag or where I didn't have to wait for ages in the lobby. Pretty disappointing, especially after the blissful Mario Kart Wii online experience. b) Even though you can of course use GameCube controllers for those of us who have them, its default controller is still the Wii remote and nunchuck and its layout isn't really well suited to the game. And c) As much as I like the characters (and I know I'm being way too much of a purist here...), I really didn't like how they introduced non-Nintendo characters into the game. For me Smash Bros. should be the Nintendo universe only. But I guess that's the way the series is going now, so for me Melee is the purer (and I guess last pure) Smash Bros.

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