Topic: Which Internet Browser do you use on your PC?

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Firefox but only because Chrome isn't available for Linux yet.



Internet Explorer 8.

I've tried Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and other Browsers, but I didn't really care for them. I just don't see why people hate IE so much.


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I think IE is poor because of the general issues with Microsoft software: numerous and obtuse locations for application configuration/security, the incessant pop-up warnings to compensate for the fact that they're having to prevent people from accidentally allowing exploits to their swiss-cheese of an operating system. I just flat-out don't like it. I've noted that Safari for Windows has been updated and I really like the iTunes cover view style for most-used bookmarks, so I may give that a go and see if I can use that instead of Firefox at work as well...

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Safari all the way. But if I use window I use FireFox.

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Opera 10.0 obviously, don't dare to use the bloatware that Firefox is (I used it even back in the beta stages, but got tired of having to add like 1000 add-ons for it to be barely as useful as Opera), or the resource-hungry Chrome and Safari (Windows version is kinda slow)...

for those that don't think there's a better browser, just try opening these 4 pages on other browsers, then open them in Opera 10.0 and compare...


1. Web Fonts
2. HTML5 y CSS3
3. Selectors API

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SpaghettiToastBook wrote:

Google Chrome, because it's REALLY fast.

Agreed. Chrome treats each tab as a separate process- it loads everything so frickin' quickly.

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Firefox and Dillo.

I assume Firefox doesn't need explaining, but Dillo is a extremely fast browser that only displays pictures and text.

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I use Chrome
Everyone forgot that AOL's browser is the worst thing that hit the Earth though, Also On my dad's laptop IE8 isn't even compatible with Microsoft very own Vista xD

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I've never had any probs with IE, had Mozilla on our old pc, but it was kinda buggy on our computer. Have since just stuck with IE (although Mozilla's fine now too)

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I just have IE. I haven't tried Chrome or Firefox yet.



Firefox is my main browser, due to all those extensions, Chrome is my secondary browser, its fast but then again it doesn't have any extensions so I hardly use it.



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