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I haven't seen him post for a while. Did he go on vacation?

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He just posted today in the " Do you own a gun" thread. It may not be, but he had a ghostbusters avatar.
Edit: Never mind, it was DaDun.

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I'm back! Thanks for asking about me. Just got back very,very early this morning (between 12 and 1 am) was away pet sitting for my mother and her husband for a little over a week(Only back a short time last monday).

I'm so glad to get back (to civilization).

Looks like there have been some cool games coming out during that time. Got to catch up on everything here at NL to.

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LTG! your back! except i hadnt noticed you were gone! and we hardly know each other!

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YES MY unrelated twin has returned welcome back

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LTG! Mario Kart! Sunday! Welcome back!



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