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Nintendo has a new ad for Wii Fit U on the eshop that I think would be effective if I thought anyone outside the eshop were to see it. They make these lengthy videos for their product but half the time I'm only aware of them because of articles on this site.
Personally, I think they should try for a few of those movie theater spots. Especially this new Fit U ad that seems aimed torward moms. Have it play during the previews of some November blockbuster.


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I see commercials for Nintendo on Cartoon Network and Disney XD quite often. And I saw a Pikmin 3 commercial at the theater before Iron Man 3 when that came out...

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Hmm I knew that had some tv spot on CN but definitely never saw one in theater. I know maybe they just chop up the video but at 2:30 min the fit u is too long for tv.


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