Topic: Where do you guys play your DS?

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I play mines in the restroom. It gives me something to do in there. How about you?

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I hope your not talking about a public one!!!

Either my OWN bathroom, my bed, or at my desk.


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in my turbo comfy chair-and-a-half all sideways hanging off the sides with my absurdly tall self. Normally have the audio outputting through my little portable speakers too. Rarely am I in a situation where I truly need a portable system.

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mostly at home, though i've brought it out to work and to the store and stuff before. It's great because i can take it into the bathroom or be chilling out on the bed if i want instead of having to be in the living room in front of the TV to play a game. :3

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To work for my breaks and lunches and at home sometimes on road trips but we haven't gone anywhere for a long time. Otherwise, when I go see my real dad I bring it and the wii or PS2 for us to both play some Football or something just to have fun. But since he has my Black DS Lite he can play Nightmare in DreamLand or his CrossWord Puzzle i gave him last year for christmas.

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At home mostly. When I worked I played my GBC on my 40 min. each way metro commute. When I get back to the states, I'll probably do that with the ds (if I don't take a nap on the train, that is).

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Mostly at home when I really don't feel like watching TV or pulling out my 64 and on trains and buses.

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I play the ds in bed at night, in the bathroom, whenever I go on holidays I take it. It infuriates my girlfriend but really... I can't just leave my other love at home...
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Toilet. Bed. That's it.

I used to take it on buses and trains, but have more fun looking out the window these days, really fallen out of love with 'gaming on the go'.



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