Topic: Where did you introduce yourself?

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When you first joined the site, where did you introduce yourself? I introduced myself in the Family Pirate Party review.



I don't think I ever have, actually.

Hi, how's everybody doing?

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right here on the general disscusion page

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My Water Warfare Impressions post.

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I think my introduction involved moderation by Prosody, and I'm sorry to this day. I didn't know where I was.

But yeah, hello, and goodnight. 'bout time too, yaaaaaawn



I'v yet to introduce me self

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Well, you're kind of late now that you've been here for over 2 months



lol I just poped up didn't introduce myself.

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I popped in as well, the first day of E3 '09 (or as I like to call it, the best day EVAR!) to tell a nice little story about how Reggie Fils-Aime made me cry. I didn't introduce myself, though. Probably shoulda done that.

Well, hello, everybody, and nice to meet ya!

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I honestly don't remember. I know I've been here since January or February but I don't believe I ever formally introduced myself. Oh well, its kind of late for that now!



I just said first post on my question about the best way to spend wii points lol

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I didn't introduce myself. My first post annoyed some people because it was about VC in a WiiWare thread. Good times.



my first post: I want to get this game but then I would just regret not buying megaman 9 or waiting world of goo.
how young
how incredibly stupid

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but that's how you always post...
hahaha!! Boy, you set that one up for me...

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