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Packing up all my stuff as I'm buying my first house
Keeping my games out until the last minute obviously! Might be ds only for a few days.
I don't go to church on sunday but I listen to gospel - does that count?

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Nah don't worry, just didn't want to cause any offence.

And yea, I think I might add N.Korea to the list of kingdom's that need 'uniting'.



I will get a Haircut and a PSN card and a Trip to GameStop



Go to Church convention at 6 and probably only do that til 3 were i am going to watch Lakers vs Orlando.

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I tried to have a nice day in town with my fambly, but then my stupid phone rang with a stupid work call, so I had to go home only to find out it wasn't something I really should have been alerted about. Now I'm sitting at home waiting for the fambly to return.

I did get to finish the 6th ranking fight in No More Heroes, though -- what a great game that is...

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Well, I guess I will eat breakfast, then play Starfy, cause I'm gonna get it today! YAY!



Hangover kingdom for a hangover cure....
Once I'm able to function, I guess I have scrub the floors, clean the toliet, vacuum the floors, mow the lawn and generally spend my day doing the stuff I've put off for too long.

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Dark+Link wrote:

Well, I guess I will eat breakfast, then play Starfy, cause I'm gonna get it today! YAY!

Oh the pain. My brother got LEGO Battles instead of Starfy. It'll be ages before I get my hands on that game.

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Bumpity bump bump bump.
I will be playing Fallout 3 all day as I'm on the sick

What's this bit for again?


I will be off to college for an easy day then going to my mates house party later on.

I'm a Paul Heyman guy.

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Tomorrow i plan to get up, write my 3 minute argumentative speech in 5 minutes, and chose the topic to argue. This will be done at Uni, or before, but my speech is at 9:30am.



__Stevie wrote:

I will awake to morning glory and a nice cup of tea.

LMAO Always a good way to start the day.

What's this bit for again?


I will most likely sleep until after noon (given that it's 4am now and I have no obligations tomorrow). Whenever I DO get up, I'll probably just start playing Uncharted 2 or Demon's Souls; no idea which.

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Waking up drowsy (It is 4 and I have to be at work in 6 hours) going to gamestop, dreading answering the phone because every time it rings I have to say "Hi, thank you for calling gamestop where you can buy and sell used games, systems, and accessories towards a new low price nintendo wii, xbox 360, or the new 250 gb playstaion 3 released on November 2nd, this is Aaron, how may I help you?"

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I will get up and freak out for 5 minutes because of School Certificate Trials starting tomorrow then I shall go to school and completely own the test.

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I will wake up and play some sort of video game I'm sure.



I'll try to finally beat jabu-jabu's belly in ocarina of time (not that it's that hard it's just confusing and annoying)
And then I'll learn for the german test and english test in school next week.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


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