Topic: When It Turns 2010 are You going to Call It "Two Thousand Ten" or "Twenty Ten?"

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PhoenixSage wrote:

MetalMario wrote:

The year Super Mario Galaxy 2 Golden Sun DS came out and enriched our lives, cured cancer, ended world hunger, brought about world peace, and got Feenie an awesome fangirlfriend.


Feenie as in Phoenix Wright though, and not you


Digiki wrote:

Feenie as in Phoenix Wright though, and not you

Really? Well...


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A lovely end to this thread from the past: A cencored curse.

Well, I hadn't given my input, and this thread was linked in another, more recent thread on the same topic, so I'll just say it here: Twenty-ten for me. The stupid thing is the confusion this year's Madden has received, since they continue to only stress the last two digits of the number. Madden 10 was taken too literally by some, if ya know what I mean.

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Thanks for resurrecting my old topic guys!

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Two Thousand And Ten, or Twenty Ten.

Or Steve.



lol, Steve?

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2010 easier!!!



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