Topic: When Do You Say A Game is "Hardcore"?

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I Hate those xbox 360 and Ps3 fanboys because 95% of the time, they complain about the library of games available on the Wii..
they think that there is not much Hardcore Games...
but i'm curious When do we say that a game is "Hardcore"

i think it's the gameplay..
just look at rhythm heaven..they say that it's really hard..
does it become a Hardcore Game?
What do YOU think?

EDIT : sorry if anybody here has made the same topic

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I don't care if a game is hardcore or not. I only care if the game has had a lot of thought put in it, isn't rushed, and is basically a good game.

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I never considered a game "hardcore." A hardcore audience to me should be an audience that loves a certain game or franchise. Whereas casual gamers are those who play all kinds of games.

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The Wii is lacking in story driven titles....those are usually hardcore

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A hardcore game is one that pleases the general young audience by enticing them with blood and gore making them feel "mature." least MOST of them are...
Every now and then a rare hardcore game comes out that usually has a deep and involving storyline, decent length, and a variety of things to partake in as you enjoy the game. Also, a hardcore game is usually more challenging, making it a little more inaccessible for most casual gamers...

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Alot of hardcore games are just FPS. To me Nintendo games like Zelda, Mario, etc, are "Core" games.

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Games are not hardcore. Gamers are.

Wii Music can be hardcore to someone who puts 100s of hours making songs.



The only reason people say that Wii games aren't hardcore is because of all the crap developers make for it.

And I agree with Bahamut ZERO, anyways.

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Bahamut+ZERO wrote:

Games are not hardcore. Gamers are.

Wii Music can be hardcore to someone who puts 100s of hours making songs.

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Bahamut+ZERO wrote:

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Bahamut ZERO, I disagree. I think there are hardcore games and there are hardcore gamers, and those are two completely different things. Hardcore games are those games that take a lot of time and effort to play and especially to finish, like RPGs. Hardcore gamers are different, because they will play hardcore games, but they'll also play fun, simple games like Mario Party. You don't call someone who only plays "hardcore games" a hardcore gamer, because they haven't tried other games, thus making them an ignorant gamer. Just because a game is good enough to put hours into it, doesn't make it a hardcore game either. I would never call Wii Music "hardcore" (don't worry, I would NEVER call Guitar Hero hardcore either. I have nothing against Wii Music. I like it alot.) same as I put hours upon hours into Rush 2049, but I wouldn't call it "hardcore" because it's made to be fun gameplay. Hardcore games are about involving the player in a way other games can't. It can be involving because it's difficult, and it presents a unique challenge, like Megaman. It can draw you into another world and intriguing storyline like Zelda or Final Fantasy. Hardcore games challenge the mind, not just stimulate it.

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