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Short version:
As the title says, what is your skill as a gamer? How good are you? How do you judge how skilled you are?

Longer version:
Just like some theories claim that we have multiple intelligences, I think your "skill level" can be broken into six attributes. I wrote an article on it, and it's on my website, but the gist of it is here. The six attributes are as follows:

Dexterity: How well you handle your controller

  • Can you execute complex button sequences? (fighting games)
  • How accurate are you? (FPS)

Problem-Solving: How well can you solve problems

  • Are you a strategic mastermind? (RTS, tactical RPG)
  • Are you good a puzzles? (Point-n-click, puzzle games)

Reactivity: How well can you respond to new threats

  • Do you have twitch skills? (twitch platformers)
  • How quickly do you respond to damage? (FPS)

Endurance: How long can you play at your prime

  • Can you outlast your opponents? (Puzzlers like Tetris)
  • How patient are you? (Stealth games)

Flexibility: How well can you transition between skills and adapt to your environment

  • Can you deal with chaos? (Smash Bros.)
  • Can you handle multiple play styles (Crawl)

Luck: Are you feeling lucky, punk

  • Does chance swing your way? (Mario Party)
  • Have you won the lottery? (And can you share?)

For each attribute, you would rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 (1 being the worst and 5 being the best). You can use this rating system if you want or just answer the "Short version" questions.

My personal ratings are:
Dexterity: 3
Problem-Solving: 4
Reactivity: 2
Endurance: 3
Flexibility: 4
Luck: 1

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There isn't a chart around that can measure my skill.

Yes I am that good

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I’m pretty decent at most games. That only applies to platformers, RPGs, and some fighting games, though. Mario Party still haunts me.

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I guess I am a terrible gamer, because I would rate myself low on just about all these categories.

I'm a much better gamer than I was as a kid, though. I know that's natural, but what I mean is I didn't really have many gaming skills as a kid. My younger, yes younger, brother was a much better gamer. I played an MMO game most of my childhood that I was good at, but that was about it.

I won't go through all of the categories, but my dexterity is probably the highest. I've always known my way around a controller. I think I held a controller before I held a bottle.



I'm mostly at my best with platformers and in general games with relatively simple mechanics. I'd say I'm very good at those and ok to good depending on the genre and what comparisons you're making (in that most people that play games are not great at nearly any game, but top tier gamers are 100X better at me). But there are a few I'm probably just bad at. Especially if they require a lot of patience.

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Hmmm, I like this question. I'm going to offer up some different categories, though. I'll go for a Football Manager-style stat range of 0-20.

AGI: Equally comfortable with a 2D platformer as a third-person shooter? Switching from an SRPG to a one-on-one fighter? Delving through dungeons with a party of four or piloting an Arwing through gates while dodging enemy fire? How agile are you at switching genres with ease?

DEX: Can you nail a dragon punch at will? Keep the camera centred as you roll in and wind up your swing at Rathalos? Tilt up for a perfect shot with your dualies as you rise out of your puddle of ink? Dexterity is the general ability to master all kinds of control schemes.

EVA: Can you bring down your opponent with a headshot before they've even moved their aiming reticule? Can you move your R-9 in time to avoid that sudden wave of projectiles from the Donkeratops? Can you spot the wind-up animation of a spinning bird kick in time to fire off a quick low punch? Get in one final spin of a tretronimo at max pace to keep your scoring run going? How fast are your evasive reactions?

INT: Fairly obvious. Puzzle games, strategy games, even pic-cross - do you laugh at the cerebral challenges?

SPD: How quickly do you play through games? If you look at How Long to Beat, do you mentally double or halve whatever the average playtime is?

END: Almost an obverse of speed, but do you have the patience to seek out and beat every side quest? Will you beat your head against Nightmare Lord Grim despite the 50 deaths that have gone on before? Could you not quit until you got all 999 moons and beat the Darker Side?

AGI: 16
DEX: 14
EVA: 11
INT: 18
SPD: 6
END: 18

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I have :
1. Very Great Rhythm skill ( 9.5 / 10 ) on Dance Dance Revolution games. I can get AAA grade (The Highest grade) or AA grade easily on level 13 DDR songs & under. I can pass some level 18 songs on DDR with decent grade ( C / B if i'm lucky enough). I can pass some level 13 songs on MaiMai Arcade though i ended up in 80+ % achievement or under. I can guess the seconds almost precisely from Wii Party mini game by counting the numbers in 120 BPM and i know the tempo of 120 BPM by playing the song "Put Your Faith in Me (Saturday Night Mix)" in my head to feel the 120 BPM.

Also, i can play some DDR songs ( 3 songs) WITHOUT seeing any arrows ( i put a Blindfold on my face) & facing backward the monitor ( So i don't see any arrows completely ). I have memorized the stepcharts of those 3 songs Very Well and have listened to those 3 songs Thousand times.

2. Very Great Artistic skill ( 9 / 10 ) on games with designing aspect like The Sims series, Portal Knights, Dragon Quest Builders, Style Savvy games, etc. I love to play the games that working with beauty and artistic skill. It shapes my creativity and my crazy ideas to make something great to see and watch.

3. Great skill for RPG games ( 8 / 10 ).
I can adapt very well with Junction system from FF VIII, Ability Equipments from FF IX, Sphere System from FF X, Gambit system from FF XII, Classic Turn based from FF III / Golden Sun Dark Dawn , Action RPG from Fantasy Life, Quirky Turn Based from Miitopia.

4. Great skill in Party games / Casual mini games ( 8 / 10 ) like Mario Party series, Wii Party, My Sims Party, Ochaken no Heya series, Hamtaro Ham Ham Challenge, etc. But, i'm terrible at mini games with Luck factor only ( Guessing mini games).

5. Good skill for Fighting games ( 7 / 10 ) like Street Fighter games, K-1 Grand Prix PS2 & GBA (K-1 is much easier than Street Fighter)

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4. Portal Knights PS4 (90)
5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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I'm that guy who's actually pretty good with tilt controls! 😂


My overall attributes, using the above scale, would probably be a little something like this:

Dexterity: 3
Problem-Solving: 4
Reactivity: 3
Endurance: 3
Flexibility: 3
Luck: 1

...although most of those attributes are slowly declining with age! 😂

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Dexterity: I don't play fighting games, so I'm pretty bad at them.
My tracking in FPS isn't getting me into E-sports anytime soon.

Problem solving: The only RTS I had fun with was Dawn of War Dark Crusade and Soulstorm, but it was always against bots and my strategy is always overwhelming force.
Only puzzle game I have played, really, is Pokemon Shuffle. It's pretty fun and I don't think I'm terrible at it.

Reactivity: Ehhh, mediocre.
Varies between "decently so" to "I'm already dead".

Endurance: My prime? Wouldn't say I have a "Prime time", I feel like I play the same whenever I play.
Majority of the time, I'm not a patient person.

Flexibility: I can't so much deal with chaos as I do join in the fun.
I try, but clearly have my strengths and weaknesses.

Luck: Uhh, pretty sure this counts for everyone, but it varies. For Mario Party, "luck" is on my side if I can target a single person and make them rage, despite me losing overall.
Lottery doesn't have much to do with gaming, unless we are talking about those Silent Hill pachinko machines, but no.

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@ReaderRagfish Same for me, I just need practice and also enjoying the game much because otherwise I won't bother. So it can be either 1 or 5... Next TV I buy must have low latency because my current model has a lot. My reactions are pretty fast but I'm not good at complex button sequences under stress at all. My level of concentration is average.


SPD: How quickly do you play through games? If you look at How Long to Beat, do you mentally double or halve whatever the average playtime is?


@subpopz Yeah controller makes much much much harder to aim than a mouse. It's a real challenge in any game without assisted aiming. Try to play Fortnite against a PC player.

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It all depends on the game for me, but I feel at my prime with platforming games, but my specifically platform fighters (aka smash).

Nice >:]

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My personal ratings are:
Dexterity: 5
Problem-Solving: 4
Reactivity: 5
Endurance: 5
Flexibility: 5
Luck: 2.5


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My personal ratings are:

Dexterity: 3
Problem-Solving: 5
Reactivity: 3
Endurance: 5
Flexibility: 2
Luck: 4



One word: Supreme.

.... Nah.

Dexterity: 4
Problem-Solving: 3
Reactivity: 3
Endurance: 4
Flexibility: 4
Luck: 3

Based on Krull's categories:
AGI: 16
DEX: 15
EVA: 14
INT: 14
SPD: 8
END: 14

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Extremely average/mediocre

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i usually suck

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I'm probably a 3 overall. Good enough to beat most games, but will never be a pro at anything.

I'm pretty slow too. A solid fighting game will take me 1-3 years to fully remember the controls and execution. My brother by comparison will have it down with a few weeks.



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