Topic: What's your political position?

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Speaking as an ex-Republican I think the Religious Right and the party's overzealous embrace of the global economy are what has made the party dim in popularity in recent years.

Ronald Reagan and the Elephants of the 80s weren't perfect, but at least they would hold talks with the enemy (the Soviets) and were very pro "Buy American Made Goods."

Nowadays it's like: "talk to the hand were going bomb you no matter what." The only nation they liberated from a dictatorship is one that's oil rich. While, at the same time send all our manufactoring jobs to China which is ruled as a dictatorship itself! So they only care about democracy if they can make a quick buck out of it. We are in buisness with a dictatorship and it doesn't seem to bother these called so called "freedom loving patroits" one bit.

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