Topic: What's your job and do you like it?

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I need to know.

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When posting a thread, please try and put more effort in the initial post. Why don't you talk about your job, for instance?

I work at a Nintendo news and reviews website (I forget the name) and I also work in IT for a large news agency. I like both my jobs; this one is the better, though

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i am a manager in insurance company.
i love my job to much,i have born for this

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I am a secret agent ninja rockstar supermodel billionaire actor race-car driver.

edit: oh...and I love it!

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I go to school. It's ok sometimes, but it's pretty boring (oh yeah I'm sick today that's why I'm not in school

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I'm a graduated graphic designer artist - working mostly with DTP stuff and sometimes making (drawing/painting the traditional way, more rare on the computer) illustrations for different kind of things. My last works are made for an children's book.

Here is one of my older works (yes, the colors were painted on a computer):

And yes, I love my job.

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That's cool opeter. I always wanted to be a graphic artist but was a lazy git when I left school. Do you have any advice for someone considering starting down that path?
I'm a postman working for Royal Mail. I mostly like it but some days it's a trial like any other job.

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I work for the local newspaper drawing comic-strips. I love my job, and it's very fun.

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I'm a server (and a host when I'm needed) at Cracker Barrel. If you don't know what Cracker Barrel is, it's a restaurant/store that advertises "good country cookin'". (It's not as redneck as it sounds. It's really just a lot of old people) I don't know why, but I love working there. Except when I'm actually there and I want to go home.

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I work at a Target Store i have been there for about 1 year and 5 months and i love it to a extent when people do not rush me to finish my job. One person does (shes one that just wants out and doesn't care i think about the store) but i do love it if the right person that i like working with is working with me.

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