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Would you say you're more of a gamer, or a collector? I would assume, since you're taking part in a gaming forum, that you're more of a gamer, but maybe I'm wrong. I've seen a lot of videos on YouTube of people's collections, and it's clear that they probably don't play most of them, they just collect a bunch of video games to look cool or something (I don't think it actually works that way, in fact, you might be hurting your "coolness" factor)

I'm probably 80% gamer and 20% collector.
I do like to keep my games in very good shape, and I never really sell anything gaming-related. I also have a plethora of video game posters and collectibles covering my living space, and I buy a lot more games than I can play at one time.
Still, I have a certain attachment to everything in my collection. I play all my games, and the ones that suck terribly bad, I get rid of, because they don't belong in my collection. I'm a gamer first, and my collection is just there to showcase my interest.

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100% gamer. I only buy games that I will play and I finish every game that I buy.


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I'm not a collector, but I do like to go "all in" with accessories for whatever I'm playing, be it a game console or a real-life sport or activity. In the case of my Wii, I went out and got 4 (or more) of pretty much all the controllers. No BS sword, raquet or golf club attachments though - wheels and gun shells only.

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I'd say I used to be 70% collector 30% gamer, but with the economy going down, I have to forget my collecting habits, and now I'm trying to play more , so now I must be 50-50.

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I guess I fall into that 50-50 ratio. Of course I am a gamer and I have built up quite the collection of games over the years so it just comes with the territory.

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I'm not even sure i love game swag, does that count (toys,memorabilia,etc) ? if not then there are a few titles i have that "collected" dust and will not part with them as they are sentimental.

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I'm much more a gamer than a collector but on the very odd occasian I get certian items for more the collection value than anything.
I got the Specian edition of the Conduit.
I got a chocobo keytag.
I got Legacy of Ys Bools I & II mainly for the soundtrack album.
I do on odd occasian clooect things but mainly a gamef.



I'd say a few years ago I was probably about 60% collector to 40% gamer, but nowadays it's probably more 90% gamer, only 10% collector - I had to slow it down a bit, my colleciton was getting pretty big for my age

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With the age of downloadable games I am 85% collector and 15% gamer. Since I recently set up a backloggery account last November I started finishing many games I never touched. However, I like collecting games and many times have more than I can play, but I get around to them eventually. The nice thing about collecting downloadable titles is they take up no shelf space. The downside is you miss out on all of the cool box art.

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I'd like to be a collector one day, but I'm pure gamer at the mo', and can be quite brutal when I want to trade stuff rather than go to the bank. I'm already earmarking games for the chop on Friday for MPT. I'm not paying 40 squirms for a set of games I've already £120 for. I'll regret it in a year and then re-buy them. My system is flawless!!



I'm defintiely a mix. For current-gen gaming, i'm predominantly a "gamer", but i hang on to certain games i've completed for my overall gaming collection (Marios, Zeldas, Star Wars games and whatever else i deem "worthy").

For retro/older-gen gaming, i'm about 50-50. Some older games i'll pick up b/c i really want to play them (either for the first time or to relive nostalgic times), but some i'll buy purely for my collection. Usually the "collection-only" games are things like complete-in-box versions (the most recent of these were Star Wars ESB for the Atari 2600 and Riddle of the Sphinx also for the 2600) -- though i will play them if the mood strikes -- or my occasionally flaring-up compulsion to buy copies of Atari 2600 ET (i think i have 3 or 4 copies currently).

Sadly, i have a small living room, so most of my stuff is organized in boxes in the closet. Ideally, i'd have all my systems hooked up and ready to go, and have a fully playable collection ... gazes longingly at Corbie's gaming set-up

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When it comes to physical releases I am always trading games.
On the vc though I'm a collector.

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Not a collector at all, can't see the point in buying games just so you can say you own the thing, and aim to get them all for a system or two, if its not my kind of game then I have no reason to own it.



I'm a gamer first because...well...who collects video games but never plays them? To me that would be a collector first. Anyways, I will always pick up the cartridge before the download version and I've been quite successful over the last two years in getting the carts I want. I also only purchase series...for now...that I love or know I will play i.e. Castlevania. I own very few games that I got as a collector and not to play...actually, I attempted to play Star Tropics and ST II and they're both horrid but figured I might as well keep them for collection.



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