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i`m into drum and bass.
blame, johnny l, high contrast, london elektricity, commix, origin unknown, calibure, lynx, dj fresh, alex pirez.
check some pf my favourites on my youtube account.

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It would seem that my musical tastes intersect with (almost) none of the above posters (someone did mention Pulp, huzzah!).

Some all-time popular favorites:
David Bowie
The Beatles
Leonard Cohen
The Magnetic Fields
Roger Waters (yes, solo)
Richard Hawley

Non-popular music (no, I don't mean "unpopular")
composers - Bartok, Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Chopin, Penderecki, Schoenberg
jazz - Oscar Peterson, Vince Guaraldi, Miles Davis, Brubeck, Coltrane, any good trio / quartet live

...surely forgetting some things even more dear to me than those on the list, but these came to mind first.

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@ warioswoods
I don't actively look for good jazz bands, but I did receive Time Out as a gift several years ago and can't get enough of it. Would you have any recommendations for someone who likes Brubeck's music?

Oh, and I forgot to mention in my first post that I've been listening to Ella and Louis a lot lately through Pandora. I need to track down that album.

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Classic Rock

  • The Rolling Stones
  • The Who
  • The Beatles (together and separate)
  • The Queen... Um... Just Queen.



But most of the music I listen to is vidja gaem musikcz.

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Hate genres, love good music.

From Zero7 to Pantera. From Boards of Canada to the QOTSA. From Elgar to Chase and Status. From Miles Davis to Tom Waits. From Orbital to Ella Fitzgerald. From Jack Johnson to The Prodigy. From Oakenfold to Eminem.

And everything in between.

Listening to Funk n Soul Show right now, my favourite radio slot. BBC 6Music ftw!




Time Out has actually been on my mind / ear of late, having been reminded of it by an NPR interview with Brubeck, where he talked about the momentum Take Five gained on the popular radio stations, which is odd given that jazz didn't often penetrate those charts and the 5/4 rhythm is, for most, undanceable (... I love public radio ). Anyhow, that album is important to me whenever I want to hear expert use of complex time signatures / rhythmic devices, which incidentally is something I find Thom Yorke, in a very different genre, to be an expert at pulling off -- anyone can produce a song in 5/4 or use unusual layering of rhythms to odd effect, but so few can make it so smooth and integrated that it doesn't come off as a gimmick.

Anyhow, I confess to not having any kind of deep grasp of Brubeck's long career, but the Carnegie Hall live album has a wonderfully crisp sound and variety, so that's one worth trying.

And on the subject of Time Out, this performance is incredible -- the drum solo near the end, in particular, which never ceases to amaze me:

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Until recently I ran the dead section at a McRecords. I used to have a cd a day habit!
I like a lot of blues but my heroes include Tom Waits, Howlin Wolf, Professor Longhair, Igor Stravinsky, The Ramones, Thelonious Monk, Louis Armstrong, Jacques Brel, Leonard Cohen, Bessie Smith, Johnny Cash, Richard Hawley, Los Zafiros, Lee Hazlewood and ... Bo Diddley of course

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The Shins, Neutral Milk Hotel, Hawk and a Hacksaw, Beirut, Audioslave, Broken Social Scene, Brand New, Death From Above, Offspring, Flaming Lips, Beatles, Bloc Party.



@Joe Diddley

Very nice; I'm particularly happy to see both Leonard Cohen and Richard Hawley on someone else's list. You also named a couple I should have included myself.

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Just got some basic recording equipment yesterday that I've been fooling around with. This is really, really rough (just using first takes and only three tracks), but I thought I'd share it anyway: Buddha Says.

Features ukulele and melodica with a voice sample I edited together from some guy with a long name. I swear I'm not on drugs.

Lots of timing and volume issues, but just threw it together quickly for fun. Anyway, just tossing this out there for anyone interested in hearing something different, if not necessarily good.

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I am a music major, so I listen to a lot of classical. Actually, most of what I listen to is either Koji Kondo or Nobuo Uematsu. My favorite band by far is Counting Crows. I also like Coldplay, Keane, Evanescence, Alter Bridge, Third Eye Blind. Augustana, David Bowie, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Chicago, Josh Groban, Fritz Wunderlich, The Killers...lots of stuff that's not rap.
My favorite composers are Debussy, Arvo Pärt, Knut Nystedt, Beethoven (of course) NOT W.A. Mozart or J.S. Bach,

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Tool, APC , Sliversun Pickups, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service. These are only a few of my favorites. Feel free to add me if you want!!
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NIN period. @annemarie Tool is better than music it's freaking art!

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