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No this is not a bloody firefox vs internet explorer thrend.
this is ALL browsers and what you like the most.

Now personally for me,i love Google chrome and find it VERY fast.
I do like the look of seems stylish y'know?

Firefox.....ugh.....slow as hell for me...i hate it!

Internet explorer....No comment.....its disgusting.

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Hasn't this thread already been done? o_0 Oh, well, my favorite internet browser is Internet Explorer.

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To each their own


Of course Chrome is fast its a bare bones browser with nothing to it, I mean its not bad but it doesn't do anything, Firefox can blocks ads, as well as tons of security extensions so firefox is by far my favorite



Firefox. Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer all run extremely slow.

The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


Internet Explorer is underrated. Glad someone agrees that IE is decent.

I am StarBoy91, and I love all things 16-bit =)
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To each their own


my buddy troy is my favorite internet browser, he can find anything (via google)!



im designing a t shirt that says: "i payed 5 bucks for the wii internet browser and all i got was this lousy nes virtual console game...and the wii internet browser. will some plz one gift me a SMS, C64 game or just the points and i will gift them my free nes game cause i don't like nes games or something" unfortunately because of the amount of txt they only come in size xxxx large....



Google Chrome, its simple and fast.

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Odnetnin wrote:

The Wii Internet Browser!
...Kidding... Gosh, you people have no sense of humor.

Hah hah hah. Anyways the only one I've used is IE, so I guess that one is my favorite one.

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Internet Explorer cannot pass the Acid3 tests
Google Chrome would be my primary web browser if RoboForm was added to it.

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