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This thread made me realize that ya'll change your avatars a lot.

Mine is a painting by Rob De Vries called "Elvis '71." I don't think it's actually on velvet, I just like the painting.



A quick sketch I made.

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Mine is a sitting Yoshi.

This post will probably be outdated in a week.

But Yoshi was not amused...


Mine is a drawing of Laika, the dog who travelled into space aboard Sputnik II.

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The animation of the Wii logo they'd play before a Wii-related ad. I mainly chose it because the Wii was my first videogame console (along with the DS Lite) and I'm very nostalgic for it. Whenever I saw that animation I would always be like "Yes, this is about the Wii!"

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It's Estelle Bright, the protagonist of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky! It's one of the better RPGs I've played in recent years, and she's a big reason why the game is so memorable.

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Jojo's bizarre 3 protagonists !

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It's the first order emblem from Star Wars.

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