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My original character Melody Astra.

She's the youngest between her and her brothers, and she was chosen at a very young age to become heiress to the Astra throne. However, extenuating circumstances caused her and the rest of the Guardians (the main protagonists) to be sent forwards 500 years into the future, meaning they grew up in the mid-2000s in their world.

Mel was killed for the first time while shielding her brother from a deadly blow in the snow of Elysis, but through her immortal blood and the blood of the White Dragon inside her, she was brought back as an angel.


My Neopet.
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Former Morpheus Avatar courtesy of Gummio. :3
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I'm a fan of both "Star Wars" and "The Shadow", so my avatar's a combination of both.

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Biskit from the Animal Crossing series.


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I've changed my avatar, so I'll say this: This is Samus (Varia suit; finally matches my username) from Other M.



Szayel Aporro Granz from Bleach.

The Octava Espada and head researcher of the arrancar.

Personally, one of my favourite characters from the show.


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Super Macho Man right before he performs his instant knockdown move.

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Tom Nook's eyes are spinning, because he just found out that you don't have enough bells to pay off your house, which he just built.

NL's #1 kangaroo fan of SpongeBob Squarepants

Aren't LUCARIO's paws adorable? (MOAR adorable than all of the Eevee'z)

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Ristar the Shooting Star!

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Mine's an image edit containing the following

1. A pic of Pikachu with my face pasted onto it

2. My nickname "Fikachu"



Changed my temporarily to Donkey Kong's face during the Mega Man part of the Smash 4 trailer. Its just so hilarious! I'll most likely keep it until the novelty wears off, then its back to Deadpool.

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I've changed my avatar to Samus from to Samus (Heh), except this new one is from the new Smash Bros. Got it off a website called Metroid Database. I like it.



Bulby wrote:

Changed my temporarily to Donkey Kong's face during the Mega Man part of the Smash 4 trailer. Its just so hilarious! I'll most likely keep it until the novelty wears off, then its back to Deadpool.

Deadpool is not happy with someone.

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New avatar because I got so excited at seeing the cat suit in the new Mario, and then all over again when I saw Peach was playable. I did get a bit disappointed after that what I was seeing was actually the new Wii U Mario game, but I'll get over that.



My avatar is the Hero of Truth (from the 14th Pokemon movie) and his partner Reshiram. Despite being mentioned in Black/White, the Hero of Truth is never actually seen, so I used his movie counterpart instead.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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The Thrash Metal band Gama Bomb.

The Nintendo Life Metalhead.


Mine is the album cover for Anamanaguchi's new release, Endless Fantasy.

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R.I.P Satoru Iwata


Mine is the M from Super Mario Sunshine!

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Mine is a picture I took with the AR cards that came with my 3DS.

Metallica shall always have a place in my heart Mega brony! Rarity is best pony.
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Mikado, Masaomi and Izaya from Durarara!!

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