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Mine is a shot of Lex Luthor from the old Superman Ruby Spears Cartoon that was edited to look like a meme face then into a realistic creepy face

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i change my avatar alot but for now on im a 1 avatar kind of guy and it going to stay this lil guy forever :3



Kammy Koopa.

As a Magikoopa, she makes sense for October (Halloween), and also allows me to pay homage to one of the first games (first RPG) I played to beat, Paper Mario.

BTW, my last avatar was Taki, from Soulcalibur.


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Changed it to Peta's version of Ash. I liked how he looked in that Flash game, made me giggle a few laughs.

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My Avatar is a random character from Style Savvy Trendsetters I got from the website.

I was like, what the heck. Imma use it.

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Mine is an Enemy from EarthBound. Starman Deluxe. The second highest ranking Starman.

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A sexy woman.


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They are the vocaloids Rin and Len Kagamine as they appear in the Story of Evil series of songs. The first of the two links in my sig, goes to the first song in the series; Daughter of Evil by Rin Kagamine which is a really good song and quit a sadistic one too. The second one goes to the second one in the series; Servant of Evil by Len Kagamine. Its an excellent song but also very sad, it made me cry more than any other piece of fiction has.


Obama jumping out of an exploding helicopter while riding a skateboard

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A cropped picture of Perceptor I drew last night. I really like G1 Perceptor so I decided to make him kinda nerdy looking. It's supposed to be similar to the character designs in Prime hence the facial hair. But the glasses totally come from Animated Perceptor.

Did I ever mention that I'm a Transformers fan? I don't think I have yet. Well, I like Transformers.

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Metal face, from xenoblade chronicles.

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Hulk smile.

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Its my tribute to the new Paper Mario and to Luigi's Mansion 2.
I didnt want to plain ol Paper Luigi because I find that boring.....

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bezerker99 wrote:

Applejacklove wrote:

@bezerker99 I believe it's from A Link to the Past, from when he wakes up from Zelda's message to him.Untitled

Mine is of Applebloom just standing there.

THANK U, that's it!!! /me highfives AJL

Whoops... didn't see that until now. Untitled

/me high fives back the 3 month old post.

And new avatar is Applebloom wearing a cowboy hat.

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