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Tri-force The Legend of Zelda series.

•3ds XL
•Pokemon Black 2
•Code of Princess


Colress from Pokémon Black and White 2, I like his Haircut !

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best thing alive SONIC!

sonic fan for ever and i love sega best system ever the genesis
best game ever SONIC CD!!!!
playing:anything i feel like right now >:3
i was MR-SEGA


Lain from 'Serial Experiments: Lain', a great anime. tho very sad.

'Omnes Qui Errant Non Pereunt' Tolkien
'God is a kid with an antfarm.' "Constantine"
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the most adorable lil creature from the best game ever created
and animated

You smell


I don't know, what is it? looks cute though

Previously RedPanda.
♭ ~Green is not a creative color~ ♪
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It's severely outdated, but I guess you can look at it if you want. (?)
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My avatar is Laurence Needlemeijer(i think i spelled it right)from The Amazing World of Gumball saying "I fire thee!" in an epic voice.

Currently playing:A little bit of everything :D
Fan of:Adventure Time,The Legend of Korra,The Amazing World of Gumball,Regular Show,Futurama,and gaming on handhelds,consoles,and the PC.

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The guy in one of the most ported games ever!

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A Bue Toad.

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Australian :)

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Prince Roy from Fire Emblem.
I've never played Sword of Seals before, but he's my main in Melee.

"What are you gonna do, type angrily at me?"

former usernames because i'm fickle: sushifreAk, Cyb3Rnite, Justice, AnActualDash, cath3Rine, rayneee
Don't be friends with me if you don't like being attacked by ironic dank memes.

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Spyro the Dragon! His voice is awful in the first game.

(insert witty signature here)

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Pokémon HeartGold Japanese box art drawn by me.


Nintendo Network ID: LateXD


Late wrote:

Pokémon HeartGold Japanese box art drawn by me.

Wow - Good job!
Seriously, you have some skill there. :3

I make Pixel Art on occasion, and sometimes sell them as Game Assets.


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