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Dangit, I never did post about my new name...

Canis = The Genus containing Dogs, Wolves, etc.
Wolfred = a wolf pun on the surname Wilfred

For better or for worse, I didn't come up with that on my own, I asked the community here for a few ideas, and this is what I got. I'm keeping it.

I am the Wolf...Red
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Not really that special. I have named any character that allows 6 letters Zodiak since junior high. I became obsessed with the serial killer Zodiac from a book I read in junior high. I actually did my final thesis in sociology on the zodiac killer. No, I do not admire the killer, but how he got away with everything and his possible motivations have always intrigued me, plus I dig the name. I just like the # 13.

Gotta catch them... eh, nevermind.


Cyb3Rnite wrote:

Agh, the necropost.

don't worry about it — this is one of those 'legendary threads' it's okay to revive every so often. you're in the clear :3

future of NL >:3
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Because Earthbound/ Mother, and we were all punks.


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I have 2 pet mantis shrimp, which are in order Stomatopoda.

17 is just random numbers I came up with on my xbox live gametag..and I just use the same numbers for almost every username now.

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I'm a big street fighter fan and the Japanese Dragon is my favorite mythological creature so it used to just be Ryu (I still wear a dragon on my person daily). I found out the hard way that EVERYBODY has used that username when I first started posting in I end up having to argue my gender more than I'd like. The last name is in honor of Niiyama Shiho who was a really fantastic Japanese Voice Actress (yes I loved her best as Seiya Kou from Sailor Moon). Putting the two together is unique enough that I don't run into anyone else using it.

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No clue why I named myself this

Splatoon + Tom = Splatom. Get it?

I will update this when Half Life 3 arrives. [Started 17/11/2015]

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My username is the result of 7 painful hours being stuck at the naming option of PERSONA 4.
'Kaze' is the japanese word for wind, but in case of my username, it's pronounced like 'case'. That is a deliberate choice and is supposed to mean 'encasing wind', which is pretty much related to how much I can get absorbed in my own ideas (if I like them) and pretty much leave reality behind to make the most detailed fantasies.
'Memaryu', disappointingly enough, is just supposed to sound cool and japanese, and is simply the result of me running out of patience while naming the MC from PERSONA 4.

<insert title of hyped game here>

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Captain Nintendo. Based on the namesake of this late 80's/early 90's cartoon: There was already one, or two here on NLife, so I decided on the spelling/pronunciation of Capt_N. A nickname I don't mind that has also stuck is people calling me "Captain", & "Hey Capt". Though those two nicknames I most often get on MiiVerse (edit: , since there was also a Captain N there, & my MiiVerse name is similar to Capt_N).

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Cyb3Rnite wrote:

Agh, the necropost.

It's kind of a timeless thread though, its not really an issue.

I make Pixel Art on occasion, and sometimes sell them as Game Assets.

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A miserable pile of serce-- What, wait? Oh, my username.
I have two.

LuigiMan200 - My original username. I made this back when I was 15 for YouTube; since LuigiMan was taken, I typed random numbers. 200 was available and sounded OK to me so I stuck with it. Ah, memories... I also used this for other accounts if the name's not out of place there, including here until I changed it to...
DreamyViridi - My current username for NL only. This change was originally to celebrate the release Mario & Luigi: Dream Team while also showing my 'devotion' to Kid Icarus: Uprising. I was planning to change it back but others seemed to welcome the new name and I was occasionally called "Dreamy" which I liked the sound of. My former name is in my signature. So the name has stuck since.

[Dreamy - A pleasantly unreal quality. Inspired from Dreamy Luigi.]
[Viridi - A Kid Icarus: Uprising character whom I had a small soft spot for. Inspired from a Goddess of the same name.]

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Jamie + Caterpie = Jampie. It's something my friends and I came up with while trying to combine our names with Pokemon names when we were in high school. I just ended up using it for everything else since then.

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Miss_Pixelheart wrote:

Miss - Used as a courtesy title before the surname or full name of a girl or single woman.
Pixelheart - A pixelated heart, Expresses my love for retro games.

Did I hear "single woman"..? ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

Waiting for ShadowforSSB4 to take me up to the heavens.

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2#: Terraria
3#: Team Fortress 2

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Amateur-Not Bad at video games, Not amazing, just in the middle.

The Megaman Battle Network series is underrated... I think, don't quote me on this.

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Lencer is just a name I created for a character I use for anything fantasy, doesn't really have any meaning beyond that



GuSilverFlame that's all there is to my usename,

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Mindafaboy just made the name cause i'm fan of minda and that's pretty much it.

I've died. There is no more me

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