Topic: What’s your favorite Nintendo video game franchise?

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Zelda for me.



Zelda for me as well! Although, I should mention Mario, Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, and Metroid.



Easily Super Mario. The consistency in quality behind nearly all of their mass amount of games is absolutely unreal.

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I tend to change my mind on it being Zelda or Mario. Zelda is more consistently great, but Mario just has MORE great games. Honestly it depends on what the recent releases are like. Like when Mario Sunshine was the only 3D Mario after 64 and Galaxy wasn't a thing yet, Zelda felt like the more important franchise and early this decade, Zelda was keeping up quality and creativity while Mario was running its own platformers into the ground with 5 retail releases in 2 years (and also releasing the worst Paper Mario and Mario Kart game). But Mario...just has more games I like by just how many Mario games there are and how many genres the series has tackled. Doubly so depending on if you count the Mario characters than have their own games like DK and Yoshi. But even if you don't, there's some top quality releases with Kart and RPGs and to some extent sports and Party.

tl;dr Mario has more great games, Zelda has an average better quality as a series (probably by a good margin too).

Metroid would be a close 3rd, but it has a couple of meh releases despite having half the games Zelda does. So Kirby's probably 3rd tbh, because it is like a less popular Mario with a little more consistency but less games and less "greatest of all time" games.

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Right now Zelda is #1 with Breath of the Wild. However, it really rotates between Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon over the years. Like in the early 10s Pokemon would have been #1 for me. But I don't think AC or Pokemon will be able to reclaim that spot anytime soon.


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Zelda edges out Splatoon slightly for me, but I prefer to keep them in separate categories:

  • Zelda as my favorite single player Nintendo franchise (and favorite single player franchise in general)
  • Splatoon as my favorite multiplayer Nintendo franchise (and favorite multiplayer franchise in general).

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If Pokemon counts: Pokemon. But since technically it's not Nintendo itself, but Game Freak/Pokemon Company...

Depending on my mood, either Fire Emblem or Animal Crossing.

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Calling 'Mario' a franchise doesn't really seem fair. He appears in so many different types of game, to cluster them all up together makes it pretty unbeatable. Between the likes of Mario Kart 8, SM3DW, Strikers, Olympics, Party, Mario Maker, Kingdom Battle, Odyssey, and all the well regarded RPGs... all he needs is a shooter and a full on Zelda-like adventure game and he's got most bases covered.

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That is a tough question since, even though I like most Nintendo consoles, especially the handhelds, I mostly played third party games that were console exclusive. I was never a big fan of Mario, I only have Mario 64, but I loved most of the first Zelda games but I kind of fell out of love after Majora's Mask. Most games after MM have boring narrative and recycle the same weapons. Also I never played Fire Emblem or Smash.

I really like the Pokemon games (besides the 3ds ones, they are not good) but I don't know if it really counts. Collecting the characters in those games always seemed fun to me. I also like some Kirby games but I have only played the GB and GBA ones.

That said I think the vote goes to 2D Metroid games. I really like the atmosphere in those games. They may use the same weapons and abilities over and over but the atmosphere always hooks me. I have not played any 3D game though except the 1st one and I don't remember it much.

I was wondering how popular are some more "smaller" Nintendo franchises like Kid Icarus.

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I'd have to say Pokemon, or Mario, if those count by themselves


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Zelda, Super mario, and Kart would be my top 3.



I love a large chunk of Nintendo franchises, but you know what I'm gonna pick as my fave! Yep, it's Super Mario (the main platformer series). Go figure.

It's the one series that got me into gaming in the first place, and many of the games are consistently great, with many creative worlds and levels to go through and explore, plenty of power-up items (including one that turns Mario into a cat - I'm a cat guy too!), and Mario being especially fun to control in a lot of cases (like in Super Mario World and Odyssey, for example). Did I also mention that I love how cheerful Mario can be?

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In order,
1. Smash,
2. Kirby,
3. Super Mario,
4. Mario Kart,
5. Pokémon

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Kirby is my favorite, I really like Mario but the Kirby series has way more charm to it. Besides, Kirby doesn’t have a single bad game, sadly, the same can’t be said for Mario. (Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Flashbacks)



Pokemon is my favourite game series of all time.

Mario comes a close second (of Nintendo franchises, that is. Sonic is high up there) , especially with all the spin offs.

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Metroid, then Zelda, then Star Fox.





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