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Topic: Whatever happened to Eugene Wrayburn?

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I think when Adam called him the hardcore king,he ran. Twitter Wii FC: 4579-0293-6760-7162 [10:25] DarkwingLz: D**mit Knux, tell Sony to release Vita TV here >:[

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He's arguing in a better place now. With God, and Jimi Hendrix, and that hamster my dog ate.

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I can imagine him getting to the pearly gates then the scene from South Park ensuing "Your going to hell boy!!". He would then argue that much they would just let him in and send him straight to the Hardcore gaming corner (Unless Adam & Alexsays are on gate duty)

This is good



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I just locked myself in a bathroom and said his name three times fast before the mirror.

At first nothing happened, but then I thought I could hear something. Gradually the words became clearer, though incomprehensible all the same: "Hardcore casual is marketing. The real divide is between arcade and narrative games. Nintendo is bringing about a neo-arcade revolution. Wii Sports is the most difficult game ever..." and on and on.

And in the mirror appeared the face of the most hideous Mii I'd ever seen.

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Chicken+Brutus wrote:

He's arguing in a better place now. With God, and Jimi Hendrix, and that hamster my dog ate.

He's telling God that his arguments are too emotional. Not really fair as that is kind of God's whole angle on things.


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