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Topic: What Will You Miss Most About Wi-Fi on Wii & DS?

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So? What will you miss most about Wi-Fi on Wii & DS? As for me, I will miss playing Pokémon and Mario Kart Wii online.
Share your opinions, I would love to hear them!

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Mario Kart DS for me, I miss those times when Nintendo did those special videos every week. And we would all try to get online to race against a Nintendo staff member. :p

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Nothing, I didn't have any DS games with worthwhile online anymore anyway (I lost MK DS)... u_u

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I must be extremely lucky or something, because I rarely got lag when playing online on that game, and all anybody does is b***h and moan about the "lag".

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The only game I played online recently on the Wii/DS was Mario Kart Wii, which will soon be replaced with MK8. Other than that, I hadn't touched Wii/DS online for years. With the DS, if I wanted to play games online with that, I'd have to change my router's encryption mode to WEP, since that is all the DS supported, but all my other devices support the more recent encryption modes.

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Losing all my coins in Brawl and playing Mario Kart Wii with friends online.

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Pokemon Black and White

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I only played MKW in the last few years but things like Goldeneye and Conduit will be missed too.

I wonder if anyone still plays Onslaught.....

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Let's keep the discussion on one thread:

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