Topic: What were/are you in High School?

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I was the quiet A- student with died (crazy colored) hair, wide jeans, and a ton of Metallica shirts. People told me that I looked like a skater that does drugs, but I did neither. I was a good boy that loved to learn, in fact, I usually beat the teachers to class!

Class of '04!

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I was the kid who excelled at sport, yet fell asleep in lessons whilst listening to Pantera sneakily through an earphone. I'm naturally bright yet never found school engaging, always messing about and causing trouble. My work would get graded A or B, whilst my behaviour would land me stood in the corridor dismissed from class. Doh! I was a bit of a clown to be honest, the sort who would steal a teachers post-it pad, then write 'matt woz ere' on all of them and stick them all over class, fully aware it would land me in trouble. I received umpteen detentions and never went to any, I even got detentions for not going to detentions for not going to detentions etc... The teachers were no match for me, which is a shame, as I needed sorting out.

School was a social event, messing about with my friends and having a laugh, and changing girlfriend every two weeks. insert Fonzarelli picture

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I was slightly on the nerdy side. The kind of guy with humor only certain people with the same sense of humor get.

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