Topic: What was your first Nintendo Console/System?

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Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 for my 5th birthday in '98~

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The first console that was actually mine was an N64 but I remember playing on my parents SNES from as young as 6 years old.

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Gameboy Color was the first new console I got as a kid, but I got my Uncle's used NES years before that when I was reallyy little.

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Gameboy. Still have Bonk's Adventure and that chess game. Those were my only games next to my PSone, up until I got a Game boy Micro, and got like every Pokemon game for it.

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A silver Gameboy Pocket. Still have it, still play it. Donkey Kong '94 baby, best platformer ever.

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Sjoerd wrote:

A silver Gameboy Pocket. Still have it, still play it. Donkey Kong '94 baby, best platformer ever.

good gameboy games were the most carefully made, so it's natural that they are above average! the levels had to be perfectly planned and calculated to give even the smallest ammount of fun within that ultra limited content that they could cram into a catridge so everything had to be perfect as a compensation for the lack of capacity that reduced the contents!(that's my theory anyway)

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