Topic: What was the most fun gaming memories you had with the original donkey kong that wasn't for arcades, nes, or vc?

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After reading an article and a few documenteries I found out that Donkey kong was also for the atari 2600 colecovision and other systems. I knew about the atari one but I never even knew what a colecovision was until I read up more on my history of donkey kong. so did any of you have fond memories of playing donkeykong on any of the old sytems?

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I had it for the 2600, and loved it back then, despite how ugly it looked (hey, we didn't really know any better back then!). The Coleco version was amazing, especially for it's time, like a near-perfect port of the arcade. I believe it was bundled with some ColecoVisions, and helped sell the system.

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My only experience with the original Donkey Kong that didn't involve the arcade, NES or VC was when I had to play my way through it twice in DK64.

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I remember playing it on Animal Crossing. Yeap.

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I remember getting it on Atari 2600 and thinking that it looked like absolute sh*t. Then my best friend got a Colecovision and that was the closest thing you could get to the arcade game at the time. But it wasn't until I got the Atarisoft cartridge for my Commodore 64 that I finally had a version close to the arcade game of my own. Played the living crap out of that game!

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