Topic: What video game(s) (if any) scared you when you were little?

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when i was younger .... the SA-X from Metroid Fusion .-. mainly cus of the music that accompanied it whenever it was the same room as me. i was extremely freaked out when i got to the point where i had to outrun it, and i still dont know how i managed to do it. another game that scared me .... any game that had a level where i had to go underwater. i've never been entirly sure as to why, but underwater levels just freaked me out. i can deal with them now although the fear did come back for a little while when i played super mario galaxy due to those eels and being dumped into a planet mostly made of water to combat kingfin.

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I wasnt little but Super Metroid kinda freaks me out a night. And CastleVania II. (NES) I was playing it at night, and it scared me the first time it said " What a terrible night to have a curse... " XD


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Ambondable, or something like that, Snowman from SkiFree, there you are, just having fun, "Oh, this idiot on a snowboard just wiped you out, no beggie, it's not like you do anything besi-WHAT TH-[CENSORD] IS THAT!!??!? HELP! Why is he chasing me? How does he go so fast!!??!../2 seconds later WHAT? HE JUST [CENSORD] ATE ME!"
Yeah, thats about how it was.

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I was afraid of Resident Evil 2. It was a gift from my cousin, so when I started it, Leon (I think that's who that guy is) was at the police station. If you tried to go outside, there were a lot of zombies, so that was pretty scary.

Also, ReDeads from the LoZ OoT. The scream that sounded when you froze near them was just bone chilling.

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Andrew Oinkanny* on Star fox 64, and of course Andross ( i was 6 at the time)



Majora's Mask gave me nightmares, but i wasn't scared when playing it.

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Jumpman wrote:

The Ghost from Pokemon Red always scared me half to death.
And those damn Skulltullas have still, to this day, kept me from getting into LoZ: OoT.

I thought I was the only one frightened by skulltullas.


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i was scared of splatterhouse when i was young my dad would play that and it always scared me i was 6 i think



I remember that 3 years ago (fifth grade) I was afraid of COD Zombies. My friend would play it when I was at his house. I refused to look at it. At the end of the year, another friend invited the entire grade to his house. I stayed away from the room all the guys were playing COD in. When I walked in their, I said, "WHOA! That looks awesome!" Since then, my fear of fake blood was gone


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Any game that was higher than the E rating was scary to me. I don't think im ever going to survive playing a M rated game.

Im a big fan of Mario games :)

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NintyFan wrote:

The killer piano was scary, no doubt, but in my case I was afraid of Bubba, the big fish with shades. Getting swallowed whole by a big fish in 3D is unpleasant, especially to a small kid.


Oh crud. I forgot about him! He still scares me today to the point I can't enter the giant giant island. He's that bad In my eyes when he sneaks up on me!

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It may sound stupid but I actually was afraid of the losing music in Mario Kart 64. I'd always cover my ears if I knew I was going to lose.

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As a kid, I never looked forward to seeing the Game Over screen in Donkey Kong Country. Something about the sad tribal music and seeing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong all beat up and bandaged creates a dark mood. While Game Over screens in Mario games sound like "Oh, well, try again", the Donkey Kong Country series sounds more like "You have failed."



Jurassic Park on the Genesis, boy did that game scar'd me emotionally....

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i got nightmares when my mom played NES Metroid... Until i saw the movie Alien

hehe good times

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I got scared as a kid when playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Playing it late at night as child Link when you 1st meet Ganondorf on his horse as it gets on its hind legs, lightning & thunder crackling... The music, the atmosphere, the pure evil Oh man scary stuff! Hahaha



I used to be really scared of the Zelda games, mainly Majora's Mask. The moon's face and the mask seller creeped me out like crazy, it doesn't bother me anymore, but seeing those faces when your young stays with you forever...

Also Twilight Princess always gave me a chill, I eventually got over it, but something about the Twilight Zone gave me the creeps but I don't know why.

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