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Topic: What video game(s) (if any) scared you when you were little?

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Chris720 wrote:

I used to be really scared of the Zelda games, mainly Majora's Mask. The moon's face and the mask seller creeped me out like crazy, it doesn't bother me anymore, but seeing those faces when your young stays with you forever...

Also Twilight Princess always gave me a chill, I eventually got over it, but something about the Twilight Zone gave me the creeps but I don't know why.


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Who else predicted this? ^

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Twisted Metal, Sweet Tooth always terrifyed me right at the sight of him!
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Luigi's Mansion was my first game that I really jumped at. Even though it's not creepy anymore to me, back in the day I used to get nervous when opening a door to a room I hadn't been before. Luigi's hand shaking didn't help either.

Other one would probably Twilight Princess. Like @Chris720, I to was disturbed by the Twilight Realm. The things I hated the most in it were those flying headless things.

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Metroid for NES.

Dark atmosphere
Isolated and alone
Creepy 8-bit music
and it seemed that death was always imminent.

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RE 2 for N64 freaked me out, well until Kingdom Hearts came out..

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I was definitely afraid of the OoT Zombies, not to mention the Like-Likes, which are still disgusting and horrifying to me to this day.

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I still get creeped out going to Moon Mountain Pass is Star Fox Adventures, the music fits the eerie setting quite well.

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Thread bump.
Anyways, Boating in the Wind Waker scared the heck out of me, and it was all because of those giant squids. Those things just jumped out at you if you didn't know where they were, and I could never seem to beat them. Thunder and lightning started and the music got really ominous. Then when I was told seagulls stayed near them, I freaked every time seagulls flew by.
Animal crossing also scared me. How you ask? Well freaking resetti! He yells at you, looks menacing, and even threatens to reset your game file. That scared me enough to never restart and give up the game for a good two years.

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All I can rember right now is the Zombies in Civ 4: Beyond the Sword. They were kind of scary back when I played it, and really scary when night came for that day, I didn't play that scenario for a long time after that. I believe it was called the scenario was called "Afterworld."

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That one level in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves where you play as Dimitri and you're swimming and you have to fight sharks. The sharks scared me.

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The Brain Age dude's giant floating head.

In all seriousness, I couldn't play Luigi's Mansion without the lights on.

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Super Mario 64, because that piano just creeped me the hell out. Indeed, I arguably still can't go anywhere near it when playing that game or its remakes.

Ocarina of Time too, because Redeads just creeped me out. And they've continued to unnerve me even to this day. Heck, even the Wind Waker versions were a bit creepy, and it was even worse with that Action Replay aided incident that occurred when I played it once (that caused me to end up getting attacked by one in a far more sudden way than usual).

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Resident Evil on the PS1 and Nightmare Creatures on N64


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Majora's Mask scared me a lot, especially the aliens when you need to defend Romani Ranch. Hilariously enough, they don't actually attack Link at all, unlike nearly every monster in the game. A lot of talk about Redeads, they bothered me in Ocarina of Time until Majora's Mask where you get the Captain's hat. :P

Also, Pinky demons from Doom and fiends from Quake. Oddly enough, played Heretic and Hexen, wasn't scared of either of them for the most part (except Iron Liches in Heretic).

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Mario Party 4 use to scare me whenever some one landed on a bowser space.
In Super Mario Sunshine that one mission when you face that giant string ray, that gave me nightmares as a child. Than again Sirena Beach in general was pretty creepy. ._.

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Splatterhouse on the genesis, don't remember which one but I just couldn't take it back then, also that Jurrasic Park genesis game, still creeps me out even oday and i'm 22

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I dunno if it's really considered a video game, but the RUN option in Game Boy Camera.

Usually pressing it brings up a picture saying "YOU ARE NOW CROSSING THE BORDER" with happy music, but sometimes instead, this happens.

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Redeads in Ocarina and Majora's Mask still terrify me today. I always hate running through Castle Town when you're an adult. I try and play the Sun's Song as soon as I could then make a break for it lol. Like-likes are really creepy too. And most of Majora's Mask gave me nightmares when I was young (Ikana Canyon was horrible) Anytime I can hear a redead nearby I instantly get paranoid. Also, the Wall Masters(?) in OOT were horrible too.

In Twilight Princess, I was scared of the Shadow Beasts (their scream, the horrid music)

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I'm surprised by all the people who played MM that say redeads.
How is one even scared of this? :P

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