Topic: What system do you think is the most underrated?

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Maybe the underrating of the N64 was a regional thing? We had Smash Bros. tournaments held in our college bar/restraunt all the time! Not to mention that everyone at college played GoldenEye...weird that'd show up.

As for me, Dreamcast and Neo Geo.



N64 was king! Everyone had one arround here; it was the ultimate party machine! You were lame if you didn't have one! Playstation was arround, but the N64 was the one that everyone wanted to play.

I suppose the Cube was a bit neglected. It did not get the attention that it deserved. It was simply a purple lunchbox to most people I knew.

The Dreamcast was pretty much overshadowed by the PS2, but I was having too much fun with my DC to even notice! It did not hit me until word came that the Dream was coming to an end.

The Game Gear was pretty sweet, but it was ignored for good reason: the enormous amount of batteries required for such a short time. I used to take it to school and carry a bunch of backup batteries arround.

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VGP wrote:

I'm still waiting for Dreamcast 2!

Well, that would be good for a giggle to see how badly Sega could screw it up.

As for the most underrated system, I'd have to go for the Saturn. I'm not one of those mindless fanboys who is going to claim it was better than the PS1, but it had some great games.

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I'd say the Saturn, it didn't have the huge 3rd party support the PSone did, but it did have great 1st party titles as well as being the best console for 2D games IMO, Street Fighter games are amazing on the Saturn far better than playing on the PSone, the D-pad and button layout made it ideal.



I would have to say the Gamecube. Not to many people I know liked the system. I thought it was great. I bought an XBOX and grew bored with it in a year or so other than a few games on the XBOX. So I had a great deal at work to get one with the bundled up with Smash Brothers Melee and 3 other games an extra controller and a memory card. Work was selling it for 149.00 back in 2005 around Christmas time. Well work gave us 50% off so I got it for 75 bucks. It was the best deal I had ever got in gaming. Though the 3 extra games sucked but hey I got Melee and traded the other 3 in and got Symphonia for 10 bucks ! Honesty the Cube is my favorite system and the Wavebird is the best wireless controller I have ever had.



@Machu: The Wii is hated to death by hardcore gamers, especially long-time gamers with little patiences and demand online and graphics or it fails. We're probably one of the few sites who don't constantly ***** about the Wii. Here's an example of how much people hate it without realizing it's potential:

It's that bad. I'm DarkFlash in that forum, watch this thread go to flame as people complain about the Wii.

And I agree, the Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, TurboGrafx-16, Neo Geo, and Nintendo Gamecube are underrated.


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Wow what low lives. They didn't even give the Wii a chance and they say it sucks.
If that was us bashing on the PS3 or 360 like that they'd all be whining and crying.

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