Topic: What should you be doing right now?

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I should be Jesus Christ.

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I finished my homework, so now i should be doing w/e.



I should be doing research for an important project for my AP Studio Art class. But it's a stupid project and I simply can't get motivated.

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I should be trying to get Myst working on the computer. Oh, and that "homework" thing too.

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I should be studying for three exams next week, but it's kinda late now.

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Homework! But screw homework, in 30 years what does it matter?

Quite possibly the kind of job you have, Phoenix...

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I probably should be sleeping, but then again, it's a gorgeous night and I would be love to go outside and enjoy a bit more of it.

@Blue Protoman: ...with the Jesus posts? First he's in your pocket, now you should be Jesus. Jesus, dude!

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I'm 'working' from home today so I guess I should be working LOL. Not easy to motivate myself when there's so many distractions around though. .

What's this bit for again?


Probably think up a second chapter for my Tale in Progress.

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I dunno. Im just waiting for a review for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Then I should be playing it this week if it gets good reviews.



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