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Didn't see a topic similar to this through the last number of pages, so I'll just make one. We all dream when we sleep. We don't always recall what we dream, but many times we do. Some are just simple dreams that may not be very exciting/disturbing, but there are those times where you just wake up and think "What the heck was that about?!?"

I'll start with what I can remember from last night.

This may be deemed disturbing/disgusting to some, so unless you feel up to it, just skip it

I dreamed I was in my bathroom, getting ready to go out with my friends. I took a shower, dried myself off, and then looked in the mirror. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, until I turned my head a little to see a side view of the back of my head. This is where it began to get weird. I wasn't seeing hair or skin. I was literally looking at the top of my spine and the muscles surrounding it. there was also some metal attachment hooked up to the back of my head and at the top of my spine that I couldn't describe. I wasn't freaked out either. I was just looking at it in curiosity. Then I looked at the side of my head in the mirror. I was now looking at my brain. No skull surrounding it. Simply, my brain. Minutes later, my head was not being reflected on the mirror anymore, making it looked like I was decapitated, and I was looking down my throat, and I said to myself "Is that how it is supposed to look?". At that moment, I felt like I needed to cough, and when I did cough, I couldn't stop. Next thing I knew, I woke up, but kept hearing a coughing sound. Looking at the floor, I found my cat trying to cough up a hairball.

So, what are some weird, interesting, and whacked out dreams you can recall that you'd like to share?


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I dreamed of Moonside once, It was a very trippy dream.

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Well I once had a dream I lost a button and when I picked up a newspaper it said mine and 4 others buttons had been found, that was a weird one ok maybe not a very interesting one but it was a recent one, like to see how they'd interpret that one.



I've had some really messed up dreams. I remember one I had awhile ago. Basically my bro died because he was evil (which he isn't) and was reborn again as a baby. I remember that I was freaking out in that dream...

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i had a weird dream that someone was going to make a topic about weird dreams and i posted in it

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I rarely remember my dreams, not long enough to tell others anyway. But heres one that stuck-

I was leading a small group of soldiers through enemy territory in search of their leader and his men. Only problem was we had no idea who he was but at the same time we knew something was stalking us, hunting us down. Suddenly, we were ambushed by the enemy who was being lead by non other than, a grizzly bear. I then proceeded to engage in close-quarter combat with him, only to wake up before it was over. I'm pretty sure we lost though.

I think it just goes to show, you've played too much RDR when your getting mauled by grizzlies in your sleep.

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When I was a kid, I had one where I was looking out the bathroom window, the sun was setting, & a flock of birds flew by. A few years later, that exact same thing happened in real life, every little detail the same.

Also as a kid, I had a dream where I was watching InuYasha on T.V. (although I'd never watched it before. Also, Adult Swim wasn't even a thing when I had the dream). When I started watching the show as a teenager, when I saw that particular scene for the first time, I was pretty freaked out, because I remembered it from the dream I had.

By far the weirdest one though happened when I was a really little kid (and it's not one that came true). I had lost my mom, and was walking around downtown looking for her, when Ronald McDonald showed up saying he knew where she was, and he took me into the back of some old store, where sure enough, my entire family was there, talking (and one of my cousins was rolling around inside a carpet for some reason).

As for gaming dreams, I often dream of getting a game I really want, & I'm so excited to play it, then I wake up & am dissapointed.


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I don't really remember specific dreams, but when I was about 4 or 5, every dream I remember would end with a black cat running up to me, and would attack me. My back would then spaz (however you spell that) when I abruptly woke up. Always scared the hell out of me!

In recent years I've been always dreaming of a new game or system I want, and I get it. Then just when I'm about to play the game or turn on the system for the very first time, I wake up, disappointed. Also during the few weeks after I come back from a holiday, I dream that I'm sill there or visiting for a second time for some reason. I then wake up, disappointed, and then miss my time on holiday. It's been very painful recently, as I went on holiday to the US for the very first time ( and I live in Australia) a couple of months ago and I always dream that I'm in New York or about to go on a ride again at Dusneyland!

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Ah, so I'm not the only one who has had the Mc Donald dreams. Beware the Mc Donald......

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I was swimming in an ocean made of blue chu jelly...

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I once dreamt of a fuzzy image with black on the left side and some blue on the right.
A year later I instantly recognized that image while in the docks level in the fps Black.
The black I saw was the cement dock and the blue I saw was, of course, water.

Another similar dream was a lot of the color beige.
About 6 months later I recognized the beige as the new desk arrangement in my high school algebra class.

Actually the reason I'm posting is because I had an especially weird dream today.
I dreamt that I was Robin from HIMYM and that I was a ghost as well and I was dressed in lingerie performing a sexual act on a living Barney from the same show in his gray suit.
I have got some serious thinking to do today. I'm kind of scared too.

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In my dream I find myself targeted by AI police. I'm then contacted by a legendary computer gamer branded a terrorist by big business. He tells me to help rebel against and confront the super-powerful computer programs devoted to snuffing out the entire human race. Just when things start to look their worst I notice some people around town are playing PS Vita--which immediately breaks my suspension of disbelief. Once I know it's not real, fighting AI goons is child's play, and waking up from the dream is easy. my pants.


I dreamed that there was the Eiffel Tower in this small town and when it fell, "I" knew it would cause a "magma" spread. No one would believe "me", so "I" left and lived within the forest with a girl and a boy, both friends. "We" travelled in there to come across some poor campers who also knew about the dangerous substance. After fighting (cause apparently "I" stole their possessions) two other people joined us. We were going downhill because apparently the world was very small... eventually "we" saw the "magma" flow down the hills. "We" panicked and the girl told she loved "me" so after kissing her "I" brought the others to higher ground and "my" legs sizzled and burned with the magma which then killed me. I woke up right after that.

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Okay, so my friend was in a play about Scooby Doo and I had to watch it and fill out Spanish Helping Verbs... (I haven't even seen Scooby Doo in years)

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I've had multiple dreams where I drive a car wearing a bathrobe.

Also once I dreamed I was on-board Titanic when it sunk, but somehow me and my friend were able to swim to some shore. Then it suddenly turned out that my friend had pancreatic cancer in one of his three pancreas(es?).

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Most dreams I get are nightmares but weird ones, very rarely. Usually I keep my dreams a secret and tell no one about them. I apologise to anyone here who I offended or finds my dream really fearful. Ive had this dream since it started in February. The dream was like this... I was turning on the laptop and having a glass of water during the morning. The sun was shining and there wasnt a cloud in sight but the moon was up too. So I stood outside looking up at the sky and then I noticed the moon was getting bigger. Coming towards the earth. I kept staring at it. the more I looked, the closer and bigger it was. Just when it was 50 feet above the earth. my dream stopped. I knew what was going to happen if I kept dreaming. Unfortunately, Ive had 8 more nightmares during the past months. When I get one, I feel sick and sweaty. It hurts me too even though Im just a young adult.

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