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Ok, it will be tomorrows game.
@Gioku Sure I guess if everyone is up for it.


@Gioku's that's perfect, because you'll love the Attack on Titan one i'll find somehow

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Gioku wrote:

Have an epic battle with... Char Aznable...?

...I have no idea what any of this is, lol.


Why he's only the coolest character in Gundam.
He's more popular than even the actual protagonist of the show, Amuro Ray. So popular that he has a bazillion clones.
He's a man who always has the coolest machines, yet proved that it's all about the skills of the pilot
Everything about him is 3 times faster. His suits, his cars, his women...
Also, he likes the color red.
I couldn't think of anything funny for this one.

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DreamyViridi wrote:

Take over the world with Lelouch Lamperouge.

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That was almost too specific, considering he really is an evil mastermind trying to take over the world.

CaptainSquid wrote:

Trapped in a closet with Kenshiro.

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You are Already Dead.

Also, why am I the only one who knows all these names, aside from a few they're all as main stream as anime can get.

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Have an epic battle with Dio Brando

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CanisWolfred wrote:

Moorpheel wrote:

I have the ability to transform into Lelouch Lamperouge. Whoever that is!

Does no one pay attention to my posts?

Oh it was right above my commemt along with the "OH NO splart"!

She seems cool just by looks... Wait, HE? Erm um. Still.

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Oh! eShop Gurus.

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Get in a Bar Fight with Saitine

I never watched Wreck it Ralph, and naturallly I'd get one of the few original Character from that movie... I wanted something cool, like "Conquer Litwik's Arcade with M.Bison"...

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Get in a bar fight at Tapper's with Felix.

I'm assuming is the cat. Do correct me if I'm wrong.

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