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Red Peanut Butter. Ewwwww.

Majora's Mask = Best Game Of All Time
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Got one without bad words in it!...there was a few with much profanity you wouldn't know if it was for Valentines or for prostitutes!
Cuddly McFeely
I had to laugh at that one haha!
And for those who are too manly for this day!


Braveheart McMelons :S

"Il y a un adage qui dit qu'on fait du mal à ceux qu'on aime, mais il oublie de dire qu'on aime ceux qui nous font du mal."

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Silly McFeely lol I already knew I'm silly!!!! xD
and I'm Daryl Dixon

goodbyes are a sad part of life but for every end there's a new beggining so one must never stop looking forward to the next dawn
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Charming McCandy

Bah-Weep-Graaaaagnah Wheep Ni Ni Bong


Randy O'Rose

I don't know what to say about it.

Umm… Care to have some gravy?


Charming O'Poledancer

Guess I just find my new occupation!

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I'm Chancer McMelons.

My last name sounds like a McDonald's knockoff that only sells Water McMelons. XD

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Knight McFeely LOL

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Beefy McFeely...

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the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


Forevery Aloney

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Uhhhh... I like potatoes...

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Wonder_Groose wrote:

Forevery Aloney

d'awwwww hugs

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