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Cotton Bloom.


Makes me think of a pony with a white, cottony mane.

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Gioku wrote:

I have poured my life into this thing, and you had no idea what it was, @Miss_Dark?

Jup not sure when it became popular? I'm 23. When I was younger there was only Pokemon and Tom & Jerry that were extremely popular

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Candy Bloom

Just for fun, if the lists were swapped, it would instead be Princess Snuggle.


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Dusk Song

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Dusk Worthy?

Sounds like it could be a semi-dark pony but not dark enough for my liking.

Also for kicks, doing the lists in reverse names me Blossom Rose. Quite amazing the two parts ended up complimenting so well.

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Guess I'm like cyborg than.


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Metal Machine.


Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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