Topic: What is your opinion on the Nintendo hardcore fanbase?

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@Iz2009....... I didn't play Radiant Dawn... I played and beat Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Mario Kart, Metroid Corruption, Smash Bros, Red Steel, Excitebots (favorite on system), Blastworks, TigerWoods, Wii Play, Resident Evil 4, Need for Speed Carbon, Monster Truck, Racing Game thats Cell Shaded cant remember the name, Resident Evil Chronicles, CoD3, Ghost Squad, and a few more. When literally nothing came out for over a year that I really wanted I finally just had to let it go. I really enjoyed my time with the Wii and Im not hating on it, it just not my cup of tea so to speak. I just kinda grew tired of the motin controls and when Smash Bros online modes turned out horrible I just kinda wanted to move on to a HD system. When me and my wife have children we will definately raise our kids on Nintendo products just as I was, Im really happy with my PS3 and I really just dont have the time for two consoles. The Wii is a great system and people hating on it have issues with theirself not the system.

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@slapshot82: I praise you for giving good reasons not to play the Wii. Honestly I don't see many people doing that. Hope your kids have fun with Nintendo like I did :D


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Nintendo didn't abandoned the "hardcores". They already abandoned Nintendo. And Nintendo is doing just fine without those cry babies.

with that said, I think that the Nintendo hardcores is not very different from the Xbox and PS ones. They are as well as blind and think that their favorite company is their mother or something and they forget that this is a business no charity. So yeah, sometimes I hate the Nintendo hardcore base as well as the XBX and PS ones.