Topic: What is your favorite Nintendo Direct announcement?

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At first, I was disappointed with the Zelda game not being like the console games, but I saw the gameplay and it changed my mind; it looks very nice.

I still think Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is the game I'm most excited about. I've been waiting for another entry to my favorite game series of all time. It also has the exact upgraded visuals that I was hoping for.

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I have to say the VC update for the Wii U including the one about Earthbound coming and the new Zelda game were my favorites.

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WaveBoy wrote:

lol. And if the 3DS didn't have Stereosopic 3D i'd throw it in the Trash with Oscar the Grouch.

Oh and that Pikmin 3 Box Art looks gorgeous, even more gorgeous than a April 'O Neil slipping off her yellow banana rain coat.
And speaking of Pikmin 3, Rynoctopus you really need to give the game a shot. I've played the first Pikmin and this Mr.Icky picky found it to be FABtastic, there's nothing else quite like it and i'm sure Pikmin 3's NextGen Nintendo visuals & HD will make it more immersive than ever.

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