Topic: What is your favorite Nintendo Direct announcement?

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Mario Party, Mario Golf, and Earthbound. The new Zelda game looks kinda mediocre to me..

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Pikmin... by far

Super Smash Bros. Can't Wait!

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Definitely The Legend of Zelda 3d, no doubt about it! Mario & Luigi Dream Team and Yoshis Island will also be day 1 purchases for me

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Bravely Default, by far.

Second favorite would probably be the confirmation of all three Guild02 games.

Third favorite would probably have to be the new Zelda reveal.

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The A Link to the Past sequel most definitely.

Followed by the Guild 02 announcements.

Then Bravely Default: Flying Fairy localization.

I guess I'm excited for Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons on VC as well, but we've known about those for awhile.


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The Wii U update

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The A Link to the Past and Yoshi's Island sequals. All of the other new announcements aside from Zelda OOA & OOS hitting the 3DS VC? Couldn't care less.

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I really liked the unveiling of the Pikmin 3 box art even though it wasn't that major of a reveil compared to that incredible ZELDA!!!
But c'mon, that's some pretty damn sexy box art...

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Oh man, that's tough a question. I'll go with A Link to the Past successor, just because I love ALttP/LA/OoS/OoA-style Zelda so much and I think it looks lovely (especially in 3D), but it's really close. The localization announcement for Bravely Default is right there with it.

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WaveBoy wrote:

You'd be singing a different tune if you had a 3DS.

Oh yeah, I would be singing and dancing like Kevin Bacon in Footloose.

To blessed to be stressed.
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lol. And if the 3DS didn't have Stereosopic 3D i'd throw it in the Trash with Oscar the Grouch.

Oh and that Pikmin 3 Box Art looks gorgeous, even more gorgeous than a April 'O Neil slipping off her yellow banana rain coat.
And speaking of Pikmin 3, Rynoctopus you really need to give the game a shot. I've played the first Pikmin and this Mr.Icky picky found it to be FABtastic, there's nothing else quite like it and i'm sure Pikmin 3's NextGen Nintendo visuals & HD will make it more immersive than ever.

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

kkslider5552000 wrote:

Earthbound, because it is still surreal to me.

I wanna see Stuffgamer's reaction

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Zelda and Yoshi for me. My body is so ready!

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