Topic: What is the weirdest game you have EVER played?

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Title says it all.

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The one that comes to mind right now (since I'm playing it) is Metal Gear Solid 2. I mean, what the hell? Just...

What the hell?

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Hotel Mario.

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Probably something from the NES days. Some really weird games came out back then.

Okay, I don't want to call it weird, but I remember my mom had bought some Biblical platformer-type game when I was a kid. I remember the farthest I got in the game was where I was a woman carrying a baby and trying to run from soldiers who were trying to capture us.

Pretty sure this is the game:

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three words- Iggy's Reckin' Balls

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Some freeware game called Phyta. It's a game where you try to trap shining butterflies in your weird, always-growing tentacles that just sorta appear from the bottom of the screen.

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Ricardo91 wrote:

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves.

This. It is fun, but definitely strange.

The Game.

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Mondo Medicals is one hundred times weirder than the weirdest game you have ever played. The game's environments instruct you to do things that you shouldn't do, and the solutions require you to think strangely in its illogical logic puzzles. (Needless to say, I excelled.) Between levels are these surreal, funny-scary "cut-scenes." The whole game is bizarre and deserves to be played late at night all in one go while you are very tired.

I hate to show a video of it, because that spoils so much, but if someone is interested enough to see and not to download, click here for a Let's Play. But you should just download it because it will break your mind -- in a good way. Actually, all of Cactus's games are weird, but this one stands out the most, easily.

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Joshua: The Battle for Jericho on NES or BEST weirdest game: Cubivore.



Killer 7 was really weird. I should finish it sometime.

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Katamari Damacy/We <3 Katamari, Feel the Magic/Rub Rabbits, NMH/Killer 7, pretty much anything from Japan

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I seem to have missed a lot of these titles(except for katamari), but the strangest one I've played so far is the new Silent Hill. It's like being trapped in a David Lynch movie.

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LSD on the Playstation.

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