Topic: What is the most annoying thing in video games?

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Totally agree with everything said above, as that happens to me too, but the first thing I thought of when i saw the thread title is when I collect 99% of notes in Banjo-Kazooie, and then die, forcing me to start over. I get so frustrated that I just turn the console off at that point and play something else for awhile.

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camera issues by far

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navi/fi like handholding in zelda games. let me walk around aimlessly for a few minutes before telling me exactly what to do.
also when your generally stuck with something example: in one of the fire temples in SS where you had to stab one of those water plants. i had no idea what to do in this room and asking fi only netted me a hugely useless response when shes spent the rest of the game advising me on every step i had to take. e-gadd in LM2 is a huge offender of this aswell.

there is a 98% percent chance that you should open that chest, get the bombs. go east five steps then ten north, bomb the wall and go though the hole.

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Probably one of two things for me:

1. Knockback in video games in general. Seriously, do we need to be thrown across the room when we get hit by something in a game? It's not at all realistic and it's annoying as hell when you're on a high ledge. It's actually one of the reasons I've always liked classic Mario games, because you just keep your momentum when hit and simply have mercy invincibility for a bit instead.

2. Motion control gimmicks in games that don't need them. Because as neat as motion controls are, way too many games nowadays (especially Nintendo ones) seem to have an obsession with shoehorning them in without any real thought to whether they work as well as good old fashioned analogue controls and buttons. Luigi's Mansion 2's beam crossing sections, Mario & Luigi Dream Team's Zeekeeper battle dimension shifting and Mario Galaxy 2's Fluzzard sections are good examples of this, and the fact the ones in Dream Team break so often only makes it worse.

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Bad level design. I'm ok with a game having a bad story and graphics (as long as it isn't hideously ugly), but if the level desgin of a game is bad, such as huge difficulty spikes, bad conveyance, inconsistentcy or the game just being boring, it just ruins the game for me.

A recent example that I've had is Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Near the beginning of the game you fight a giant ice titan, and you need to hit its weak points by climbing up it. So far the game has been EXTREMELY hand holding (which is annoying enough), but here to avoid being thrown off the titan while hitting the weak point you need to move to the side to avoid being grabbed by it. Does the game ever give you any indication at all that you can do that? NO. So you get thrown off, and you need to do exactly the same thing over again to reach the weak point. It is slow, boring and tedious because every 10 seconds you need to hold the right trigger for 5 seconds to avoid being shaken off, which just feels like padding. And every single time you get thrown off, you loose about a quarter of your health. The awful design of that boss made me quit the game.

Sorry if that was really ranty, but bad level design is the one thing that I can't stand in games.

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I reckon I could do a top 100 for this:

1. Online cheaters - why do they enjoy it?
2. Hard crashes that need console unplugging. EA and Sega I am looking at your Wii U releases.
3. Hand Holding and/or epic prologues/'training' for games that have very simple controls.
4. Pre-rendered cutscenes that don't blend smoothly into the real time action but don't even look much better than the in-game graphics.
5. The general homogenisation of major games i.e. why do they all have to be open-world, action-adventure games with rpg elements
6. 90% of all DLC
7. The death of local multiplayer.
8. Massively subjective reviews that barely discuss the important details of the game, good or bad.
9. The MicroSony Hyperbole Express. It's a one-way ticket to an itunes wonderland of microtransactions.
10. Major news sites defending certain publishers and then not giving the others the same leeway i.e. good reviews for palette-swapped sequels and broken MMOs

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the two thing that annoy me the most are NIntendo's lack of an account system and Vita's hyperexpensive propietary memory card all I want is handheld with BOTH affordable storage and an account system

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