Topic: What is the most annoying thing in video games?

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NOTE: Please don't say anything like other players screaming over their mics. I'm looking for annoying things about GAMES THEMSELVES.

For me it's this thing.

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I'll make a top 3:
3. when a game where precision is important a has some ugly framerate drops that get the player killed without even knowing what happened.
2. those rich trainers that keep healing their Pokémon in some early points of Pokémon Emerald(why the heck would someone use 6 full restores on a level 5-10 Pokémon against an opponent about the same level that was very weird design choice)
1. Mr. Resetti(at least in Animal Crossing DS, didn't play any other, why the hell would a handheld game need it I mean didn't the designers know how easy it is to run out of battery when playing!?!?!?!?)

oh and a little hint for blue shells, when you're the target try to reduce your distance from other players/cpu the most you can so they get caught in the explosion making you recover the 1st place easier(not perfect but works fine)

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Poorly executed Quick Time Events
Cliché stories in the RPG genre (the FF series is guilty of this, though they're far from the only culprit)
Unpredictable OHKO's (Whenever one of 'em comes out of nowhere, and it's impossible to react to, imagine the bull charge, with two frames)
When a game is capable of having better graphics on a post 2000 console, but it still looks like a polygonal mess.

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Lives and game overs

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I hate ridiculous collectibles that are impossible to find without a walk through and timed missions.




Overpowered bosses that force you to grind even though you don't want to.

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Blastoise-san wrote:

Overpowered bosses that force you to grind even though you don't want to.

That's generally done so you're prepared for the later parts of the game. You're not going anywhere at level 1 bro.

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The ease-u-in-to-it level/world 1. I know it's better for business if everyone can very easily make it through level/world 1. But the routine is too sleepy for me having played ALL the Mario's and not just once. Stop saving money on level design and just throw me in some World-6 difficulty and get my pupils dilating right after the title screen lol.

I will say that from nintendo first party stuff, new super luigi U delivered a more upfront difficulty than anything I can remember.



when a game is too easy.. that's the most annoying thing
nowadays developers are treating us as if we're complete idiots... we get 1000 hints/tips/tricks every minute and they won't even let us play the game by ourselves

they take us by the hand and lead the way... it's so annoying..
there are literally shields in every game pointing in the direction you have to go

+when you're fighting a boss... they tell you how to beat them
all these "little" things annoy me

it's not an easy task to find a challenging game nowadays

also.. when games get dumbed down in general for all these casual players.... SO annoying. even multiplayer games

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Being too difficult! I know I am a gamey feeblebug, but I just hate when games are fiddly and difficult and don't let you get on with the story. I couldn't get past about level 6 with MIghty Switch Force. I tried the demo of Mutant Mudds and knew I would never be able to play it. I know I know. I am the kind of softy modern gamer all you Cranky Kong types complain about.

But there it is - and I guess there are quite a few of us around, considering how most games are being made more playable these days.

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I don't know what's the MOST annoying, but the first thing that comes to mind is limited lives. I've pretty much given up on playing old platformers because of them...btw, I need to talk to SEGA and Nintendo, and introduce them to the 21st century.

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i enjoy challenge more than anything... fair challenge. an example of fair challenge is super meat boy. the game controls so tightly, i feel like it's my own fault for dying because i know i did something. an example of unfair challenge is something like cat mario or the unfair platformer. these games rely mostly on trial and error, and i feel no satisfaction for winning, because i know the challenge wasn't real, it wasn't fair.

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Cheating AI...or a pointless reward for 100% the game. glares at NSMB2

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Games where you have to play through a level multiple times under different circumstances to advance.

Sonic & the Secret Rings was the largest example of this I played. (play through a level normally, then you have to run through it in reverse, then collect X number of rings, etc.).

I was going to say escort missions, but I didn't want to be too cliché.

Also, I agree with @CanisWolfred on lives. Even with infinite continues, VVVVVV was one of the toughest, most rewarding platformers I've played.


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Bad stories.

Battlefield 4 campaign made me want to throw my ps4 controller through the tv.



Game. Crashing. Bugs.

That annoys me to hell (I'm looking at you, NFS Undercover)


I'd been thinking about this for a little while, but then it hit me: laggy online gameplay. Super Smash Bros. Brawl gets the most blame for this, but it isn't the only game that has this problem, I can tell you that.

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I disagree quite a bit on the lives thing. Remember how bad Kirby's Epic Yarn was trashed for being too easy? Imagine every Mario game being like that. I need an incentive to actually get better at a game. VVVVVV was a great game, but I could keep trying stupid tactics until they finally worked, instead of carefully planning out each step of the way to minimize deaths. Lives give the player a sense of accomplishment when they finally make it straight through a level without a single death. Sure, you can do it without having a life system, but then the sense of pressure isn't there, nor the same sense of accomplishment.
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Only one save file in RPGs. Mainly Pokemon, I know it's a nitpick but when you've got games sporting more then ten save files, it's confusing that Pokemon only has one. It irks me more in the fact that X & Y have barely any post game events, and I want to play the story again without losing my prized Pokemon.

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